Hammer Studios Making Eddie Izzard Doctor Jekyll Movie

Hammer Films have been an iconic staple in the horror genre, having churned out stellar offerings over the decades, reinvigorating classic characters like Baron Victor Frankenstein, Count Dracula, and The Mummy by bringing them back in vivid color. 

Well, Hammer Studios is back, baby, and per Variety, they are marking their comeback with their first feature starring Eddie Izzard: "Doctor Jekyll." The film is currently being shot in the U.K., directed by Joe Stephenson ("The Alchemistic Suitcase," "Agatha & the Midnight Murder").

'You must suffer me to go my own dark way...'

The details of Hammer's first project are extremely scant, but the core narrative will follow Dr. Nina Jekyll (Izzard), a recluse who finds friendship in a newly-hired employee, Rob (Scott Chambers), with whom she works closely to stop the dual personalities of Jekyll and Hyde from consuming one another. This is a modern interpretation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic 1886 novella, "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde," which has been adapted to the screen several times before. The screenplay of the new film was written by Dan Kelly-Mulhern.

Hammer Studios made a comeback in November 2021, thanks to a merger with U.K. label Network Distributing, which will act as the distribution arm for the horror-genre production company. The film is produced in association with Fluidity Films ("Journey's End"), alongside Stephenson and Guy de Beaujeu ("The Laureate") with Liam Coutts ("The Good Drug") as associate producer. Christian Angermayer ("Army of Thieves") will be serving as executive producer.

Hammer Studios managing director Tim Beddows talked about how thrilled he is about the stellar casting, which coincides with the return of a major studio that changed the face of horror in cinema forever:

"We're thrilled to be partnering with Joe and his superlative cast and crew on 'Doctor Jekyll.' There can be few subjects more apt to launch Hammer Studios and the production has everything you'd expect of a modern Hammer film."

This is exciting news for horror aficionados, alongside those who wish to see Izzard assume the layered role of Jekyll/Hyde, more so in a postmodern context. This opens up vast avenues for interpretation while allowing ample opportunity to pay homage to the spirit of the original. Stephenson also shared his excitement for the project:

"It's an honor to partner this way with the new Hammer Studios, in doing so Doctor Jekyll becomes both part of a legendary legacy and the start of an exciting future for U.K. genre filmmaking."

Key details about the remaining cast, release date, and plot have not been revealed as of yet. "Doctor Jekyll" is targeting a festival debut during autumn this year, with a U.K. theatrical release to follow shortly after.