Paul Thomas Anderson Reunites With HAIM For New Music Video

It's no surprise that filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson and HAIM are collaborating again. After using a string of HAIM music videos as tests for his now-acclaimed "Licorice Pizza," PTA is once again coming together with the band, this time for an exclusive new HAIM music video named "Lost Track," according to The Film Stage. While the music video was released solely in theaters upon the widest expansion of "Licorice Pizza" a few weeks ago, "Lost Track" is now available online. The music video has been directed and photographed by PTA himself, and stars, of course, "Licorice Pizza" star Alana Haim (who also happens to be one of the three band members).

Check out the "Lost Track" music video on HAIM's official YouTube below.

A long-standing collaboration

PTA and HAIM's long-standing collaboration springs forth from shared history, as per W Magazine. Alana's mother, Donna Haim, was PTA's art teacher in elementary school, and when he first heard a HAIM song on the radio, he looked into the musical trio (sisters Alana, Danielle, and Este Haim) and their background. Upon realizing that he knew their mother, Donna, PTA reached out to the band and established a friendship, eventually directing one of their music videos. After years of collaboration, we were gifted, of course, with Alana's casting in her debut role in "Licorice Pizza," wherein she manages to cast an endearing spell with her character's presence.

The core visual narrative of the music video was inspired by San Fernando Valley women and their social club activities in the 1950s, set in the Balboa Golf Course's restaurant at a banquet club called Monterey at Encino. The trio plays members of this fictional society of ladies, present at lunch while being surrounded by friends and family of the director. You will also be able to spot PTA's daughter, Pearl Anderson, who briefly appeared in the role of Sharon in "Licorice Pizza."

"Licorice Pizza" co-cinematographer Michael Bauman previously talked to The Film Stage about this collaboration, and the "Lost Track" music video in particular:

"You do a lot of testing. And we test not only for the actors to see how they're doing, but also we're testing different film stock, different technologies. That's a lot of what the HAIM videos were, too. We're doing a video for them, yeah cool. But we'd also be testing a certain technology on that [which] we could maybe use for the movie. You know, on 'Phantom Thread,' we did our first HAIM video before we did that, and we just rolled around the studio floor because he wanted to see how a stabilization system would work, which we ended up using in the movie. So it's that kind of thing."

"Lost Track" is currently available for purchase/streaming online.