Frank Grillo Will Play A Cult Leader In Man's Son, A Thriller Directed By Frank Grillo's Son

Yes, you read that right: action star Frank Grillo will star in the upcoming thriller, "Man's Son," the directorial debut of his son, Remy Grillo. As you might have already guessed, Grillo (senior) will be playing the leader of a dangerous cult, while the film is said to narrate the story of a couple whose lives imitate art after they try to make a compelling audition tape for a Charles Manson movie at an Airbnb (?) in the desert, according to a report by Collider. The wild premise of "Man's Son," is said to have been inspired by real-life occult activity in the California desert, which is where most of the events of the film are set (Yucca Valley, California).

Filming a Charles 'Man's Son' audition tape

As crazy as this film sounds, the script for "Man's Son" was penned by Josh Plasse and Brev Moss. While the film seems to be a debut project for both writers, Plasse also happens to be an actor, appearing in "Grey's Anatomy" and the Paramount+ revival of "iCarly." The official synopsis of the film has been described as the following:

"[The film is about] a young couple hoping to create an aesthetically pleasing audition tape for an up-and-coming Charles Manson film. But when the couple chooses an eclectic desert Airbnb as the perfect backdrop, the dark events of the audition material slowly slip into their reality. Eventually, they find themselves intertwined in the sinister plot of an occult leader."

As Frank Grillo will be donning the robes of the occult leader in question, it will be interesting to witness how things play out, as the mere idea of him playing a villain in a horror thriller is exciting. Although Grillo made an appearance in the recently lackluster thriller "Shattered," he is best known as Brock Rumlow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, along with his role in the 2014 action-horror, "The Purge: Anarchy." Apart from this, Grillo has also headlined a drama series named "Kingdom," which also starred Nick Jonas.

"Man's Son" is being produced by Plasse, Shakira Barrera, Conor Allyn, and Johnny James Fiore. Bobby McMichael, Chido Nwokocha, and Dennis Echelberger will be serving as executive producers. Although the film is Remy Grillo's directorial debut, he has amassed experience as a cinematographer and actor on multiple short films and projects over the years.

No additional details about casting has been revealed yet, although filming is expected to begin in March, 2022. A release date for "Man's Son" has not have revealed yet.