Robert Pattinson Wants You To Know That Batman Is A Sad Weirdo

Robert Pattinson's plot to scare us away from seeing "The Batman" is really backfiring because the more we learn about his unhinged take on Bruce Wayne, the more invested I become. We're still a month away from seeing the vengeful crusader in action, but so far, Pattinson has spent the lead-up to premiere day relentlessly slandering the emo billionaire by calling him "a freak." Apparently, one insult wasn't enough so now Pattinson is tacking on "weirdo" and finding new ways to make fun of poor Bruce's attempt to play the hero.

By far, the funniest thing about his press campaign is that it ultimately consists of Pattinson telling us things we already know. Folks, let's be honest, Bruce Wayne has never exactly been the poster child for mental health. The man has a bat cave and his best friend is his butler. And then there's the fact that Pattinson has chosen to tackle this role: personally, I assume any movie with his involvement includes lots of chaotic energy. Alas, he seems determined to make sure audiences are fully prepared for weirdness when they enter the theater, so here's the latest Batman scoop from its lead performer.

Turns Out Bruce Wayne Is A Weirdo

Matt Reeves' take on Batman is expected to be an edgier exploration of Gotham's hero, skipping the origin tale and diving into his second year on the job. But according to Pattinson, that doesn't mean Bruce Wayne's path is any smoother than usual. In a recent GQ profile, Pattinson explained:

"He doesn't have a playboy persona at all, so he's kind of a weirdo as Bruce and a weirdo as Batman, and I kept thinking there's a more nihilistic slant to it. 'Cause, normally, in all the other movies, Bruce goes away, trains, and returns to Gotham believing in himself, thinking, I'm gonna change things here. But in this, it's sort of implied that he's had a bit of a breakdown. But this thing he's doing, it's not even working. Like, it's two years into it, and the crime has gotten worse since Bruce started being Batman. The people of Gotham think that he's just another symptom of how sh** everything is."

It's so nice to know that Batman is finally gonna be loved the way he truly deserves, flaws and all. While some actors shy away from the more ridiculous, comic-booky aspects of their superheroes, Pattinson is embracing both the gritty psychology of Bruce Wayne and the absolute insanity of Batman. After all, when you strip away all the other elements, this is still a movie about a guy donning a cape and taking to the streets to beat down criminals like a crazed vigilante. Pattinson added:

"It's a sad movie. It's kind of about him trying to find some element of hope, in himself, and not just the city. Normally, Bruce never questions his own ability; he questions the city's ability to change. But I mean, it's kind of such an insane thing to do: 'The only way I can live is to dress up as a bat.'"

There are so many things to be excited about when it comes to "The Batman," and the list truly gets longer every time Robert Pattinson talks us through his take on the hero. What is it about watching Pattinson inhabit another weirdo that totally wins me over? According to the actor, the movie runs the gamut of darkness and sadness as Bruce continues his violent quest for hope, yet no matter how many dower adjectives he whips out, this movie still sounds oddly fun.

"The Batman" is scheduled to release in theaters on March 4, 2022.