The Orville: New Horizons Sneak Peek Showcases A High-Octane Space Battle; Show Now Premieres In June

The wait is (finally) over for fans of "The Orville," as the beloved sci-fi comedy-drama is returning with its season 3 premiere in June. After season 2 of "The Orville" ended with the successful restoration of the original timeline, fans of the show eagerly waited for the next season, as it was supposed to pick right up after the Kaylon uprising, which emerges as a major threat in the show's in-world galaxy. Unfortunately, the production process for season 3 was shut down due to the pandemic, causing a considerable delay that led to filming being wrapped in August 2021. Now, the exclusive, almost-four minute-long sneak peek of "The Orville: New Horizons" allows fan a glimpse into the tense, war-torn atmosphere of the upcoming season before it premieres in June on Hulu.

Check out the frenetic space battle in the clip below.

Invasion At A Space Station

The brilliance of "The Orville" lies in the way in which it combines classic sci-fi tropes with lighthearted comedy, while the series is a heartfelt parody of and homage to "Star Trek." "The Orville" follows the crew of the starship, USS Orville, commandeered by Captain Ed Mercer (Seth MacFarlane, who created the core concept of the show and will also be directing season 3). The series takes an episodic look into the sociopolitical strata of various planets across the galaxy, executed in a tone that fluctuates between sincere and tongue-in-cheek.

The sneak peek in question opens right in the middle of an intense space battle in a space station, with the ECV-197 Orville caught right amidst the attack. This, purportedly, seems like a Kaylon attack, as the species deemed that all biological life had a tendency to enslave others, prompting them to attack the Union and the rest of the galaxy. As seen in season 2, Isaac (Marc Jackson) had chosen to rise up against his own kind due to his attachment to Dr. Finn's children, Marcus (BJ Tanner) and Ty (Kai Wener). This had been instrumental in defeating the Kaylon (along with a surprise aid from the Krill), but as quite some time has passed, it seems that war still wages on between them and the rest of biological life.

The clip shows Marcus running through the corridors of the ship, in an attempt to evade certain death, and also to search for his brother, Ty. Once they are reunited, a Kaylon who looks like Isaac enters their chamber, but things do not seem to be what they are. The sneak peek was announced by MacFarlane on his official Twitter, along with the message that he is thankful to fans for their patience:

Apart from the return of the crew of the Orville, fans will undoubtedly be excited about the return of several iconic characters, including Lieutenant Alara Kitan (Halston Sage) and the often-disgruntled Klyden (Chad Coleman). "The Orville: New Horizons" is expected to premiere on June 2, 2022, on Hulu.