The Long Night Clip: A Cult Stalks A Couple In The Middle Of Nowhere [Exclusive]

Why is it that getaway weekends in remote wilderness houses always end in bloodshed? Can't a dewy-eyed couple just escape for a few days of lowkey fun without being hunted down by a cult or psycho murderer? Is nothing sacred anymore?! It's hard not to feel bad for the couple at the center of Well Go USA's new horror flick "The Long Night," but in all fairness, they should probably know better.

No sane adult who's even glimpsed a horror movie would ever make such an obvious mistake. There are certain rules we all live our horror-free lives by: Don't investigate creepy sounds, Ouija boards are for decoration not use, never read from a journal made of human skin, and remote cabins are a MAJOR no-no. Sadly, the young couple leading "The Long Night" missed the horror survival memo. Not only did they dive headfirst into disaster with their weekend getaway, they follow it up with a series of rookie mistakes. Never go outside to check the car, you silly romantics! Driving away would be much too easy. You can check out their many blunders in the exclusive clip below.

A Look At The Long Night

"The Long Night" comes from director and longtime composer Rich Ragsdale, who previously helmed 2017's "The Ghost House." His latest film sees him reuniting with Scout Taylor-Compton, who you may recognize from her turn as iconic final girl Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie's "Halloween" reboot. Here she stars as one half of the very unfortunate couple trapped in a house surrounded by trees and, evidently, cult members. Based on the clip above, escaping is much more complicated than this duo anticipated. When her boyfriend Jack (Nolan Gerard Funk) goes out to check the car, he discovers that the engine won't start — then abruptly realizes he's just a few feet away from an uninvited guest. It's hard to tell exactly what the couple is up against, but based on the cult getup, their night only gets more disastrous from here. Here's a bit more info, per the synopsis:

While searching for the parents she's never known, New York transplant Grace (Scout Taylor-Compton) returns to her childhood southern stomping grounds with her boyfriend (Nolan Gerard Funk) to investigate a promising lead on her family's whereabouts. Upon arrival, the couple's weekend takes a bizarre, terrifying turn as a nightmarish cult and their maniacal leader terrorize the pair en route to fulfilling a twisted ancient apocalyptic prophecy.

"The Long Night" is packed with horror alums, from Taylor-Compton and Ragsdale to Nolan Gerard Funk, who appeared in "House At The End of the Street," and Deborah Kara Unger ("Silent Hill"). The film also comes from the studio behind "Train to Busan" and "Triple Threat." The previously released trailer promises a delightfully horrific experience, packed with psychological darkness and grotesque imagery. 

"The Long Night" arrives in select theaters and on digital on February 4, 2022.