Tall Girl 2: She's Back And She's Taller Than Ever

Ah, "Tall Girl," the much-discussed Netflix coming-of-age film that sounds like a fake movie from "30 Rock." The film was on the receiving end of a lot of jokes when it debuted in 2019, but a new trailer for "Tall Girl 2" proves the first one wasn't actually a fever dream I had but, in fact, a real movie.

Despite the title, the new trailer for "Tall Girl 2" veers away from its central character's height, instead focusing on her friendships, romances, and lead role in a school production of "Bye, Bye Birdie." The first "Tall Girl" movie was all about Jodi's (Ava Michelle) towering 6'1" stature, with jokes about tall people support groups and the view from her altitude. In the final scene of the movie, her love interest, Dunkleman (Griffin Gluck), even stands on a milk crate to kiss her.

She Has Regular, Non-Tall Girl Problems, Too

Romantic? Not really, but "Tall Girl 2" seems to point out that high school is a time for awkward missteps as much as romance. Jodi's relationship with Dunkleman doesn't seem to be as seamless as expected, and she's instantly enamored with her new costar in the play, Tommy (Jan Luis Castellanos). Jodi is also clearly struggling with self-doubt, as an echoey voice in her head tells her she's not good enough to do the play. Jodi's best friend Harper (Sabrina Carpenter) doesn't actually say the a-word, but gives a pretty clear-cut description of anxiety when describing the voice that "makes you believe all your worst fears and insecurities are true."

Despite this, "Tall Girl 2" looks like it's firmly entrenched in the lighthearted teen comedy territory. The new movie is directed by Emily Ting, with Sam Wolfson once again writing the screenplay. Jodi's parents, played by Steve Zahn and Angela Kinsey, are the kooky standouts of the trailer, embarrassing the teenager by texting her boyfriend and making their own TikToks. It's all pretty tame-looking fare, like a toothless alternative to more substantial Netflix teen movies like "The Half of It" and "To All The Boys I've Loved Before."

Still, surely there's someone out there who feels seen by the "Tall Girl" movies in a way they haven't before. I was a tall girl at school once, and though this movie doesn't seem like it's made for me, I do appreciate Netflix embracing narratives that aren't one-size-fits-all. This is a movie for the girls whose long legs accidentally kick people at dance rehearsals, and who ceremonially burn their high heels, both of which Jodi does in this trailer. "There's always room to grow," the tagline in the trailer declares, because these folks just can't resist one more tall girl pun.

"Tall Girl 2" will debut on Netflix on February 11.