Last Week Tonight Season 9 Trailer: John Oliver's Back With The Best Takes

"Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" has been a weekly dose of sanity in a world that has gone quite mad, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. Last year (and for five years before that) the series won an Emmy for Outstanding Variety Talk Series and Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series (it's won 23 Emmys in total since the show premiered in 2014). The HBO show is coming back for a ninth season on Sunday, February 20 (11:00 – 11:30 p.m. ET/PT). It airs on HBO and streams on HBO Max. If you need your news with a hefty dose of comedy and the occasional brilliant rant, this is the show for you. It's one of the things that kept my brain from absolutely dissolving into a puddle of diluted oatmeal over the past couple of years.

Watch the teaser trailer for the upcoming season below. 

'Big Pew Pew Sticks that Go Boom Boom'

Please tell me John Oliver is going to keep summoning George Clooney with a snap of his fingers. It makes me very happy. 

Here are two things I have learned from this show: snakes sleep in books and John Oliver has a very odd relationship with Adam Driver's physique. I tried to find a compilation video of all his quotes about Adam Driver, and now I am scarred for life. Do yourself a favor and do not look up that last part. There is fanfic out there for the two of them, and though my soul is now lost, I want to preserve yours. 

Here is the official synopsis for "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver":

A satirical, insightful and meticulously researched look at current events in the U.S. and around the globe, "Last Week Tonight With John Oliver" features Oliver's hilarious, much-needed perspective on today's pressing political, social and cultural issues. As the country navigates the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and a highly polarized political landscape, the ninth season of the critically acclaimed series promises to shine a light on headline news as well as lesser-reported topics that both inform and entertain, featuring a mix of the series' sharp commentary, pre-taped pieces and occasional special guests.

"Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" is produced for HBO by Avalon and Sixteen String Jack Production. It is executive produced by John Oliver, Tim Carvell, Liz Stanton, Jon Thoday, and James Taylor. It is directed by Paul Pennolino.