The Book Of Boba Fett: Kitchen Droid Appreciation Post

When you watch "Star Wars" movies and TV shows, you're probably thinking about the aliens, battling ships, and heroes with blasters and lightsabers. You're likely dreaming of being a Jedi and battling a Sith (or the other way around). Maybe you wish you were a Mos Espa crime daimyo or a bounty hunter. You're probably not wishing you were a kitchen droid. Those guys aren't doing anything heroic, you say. 

It's time to rethink that. These little droids are working their little gears to the bone (engine?) to make delicious meals for the denizens of the galaxy, and they're treated like bantha poodoo. No one ever thanks these hard-working droids, and some of them are working several jobs at a time. Where do you think all that roast nuna and glowing spotchka come from? It didn't just appear out of thin air, friends. Even in Jabba's Bib Fortuna's palace, these little guys are treated as the lowest of the low. If you've seen episode 4 of "The Book of Boba Fett," you know what I'm talking about. 

In the deepest depths of the palace are the six-armed COO cook droid, and not a single limb is left idle. Did you see the speed with which veggies were chopped? Watch it again and marvel at the dexterity. General Grievous would be jealous of skills like COOs. This droid has been working and slaving so that bloated pig of a pretend daimyo can eat.

Justice for LEP!

He has an assistant, of course, in the form of an EV-929 sous chef droid, and we certainly know that guy not only works the kitchens but assigns work to poor little R2-D2 before his first master is taken out. They have to contact rat catchers, since that place is crawling with them, keep Sorgan frogs in pots while still alive, and figure out how to please everyone's palate. 

Will no one think of the kitchen droids?! They're not exactly going to get some fancy schmancy cooking show like Gormaanda from the holiday special. Oh no, she has thousands of fans as far away as Kashyyyk, but these guys? No one gives them a second thought. Even Boba, who is so nice to rancors and banthas, has no problem taking them out when all they're trying to do is provide delightful nourishment for the people who run the place. Fennec doesn't hesitate to slit the metal throat of our poor COO droid, leaving his head on a plate of lettuce. Brutal!

Add to that how Boba chases and terrifies that little rabbit-eared LEP droid! How do you look at a little baby-faced droid like that and scare him enough that he shuts himself off? All LEP is trying to do is get the rats out of the kitchen. Do you want rats in your food stores, Boba?! Do you?! 

All I'm saying is, maybe it's time to rethink how we treat the droids that are keeping us fed and healthy. Justice for kitchen droids!