How Harrison Ford Once Tried To Destroy The Millennium Falcon Set, According To Mark Hamill

A long time ago, on a movie set far, far away ... the Millennium Falcon was in danger of being destroyed by the person who called it home. Yes, it's true. Everyone's favorite hunk of space junk was almost single handedly dismantled by none other than Harrison Ford. If you don't know by now (and if you truly don't, I really can't help you), Ford plays the ever-cocky but always lovable smuggler Han Solo throughout the "Star Wars" saga. Formidable love interest to the iconic Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher), Han Solo is not a man to be messed with, and apparently, neither is the "Indiana Jones" star.

According to Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker (again, if you don't know this, what are you doing here?), Ford had a bit of a temper while filming "Star Wars." In an article for Showbiz Cheatsheet, Hamill's relationship with Ford is described as nothing short of besties. They apparently liked to dance alone together to bad of-the-moment pop songs in Hamill's dressing room. Be still your "Star Wars"-loving heart. Their close bond on set likely explains why it was Hamill who was able to calm a raging Ford and prevent him from destroying — or at least severely damaging — what is arguably one of the film's most important sets: the Millennium Falcon.  

The Millennium Falcon vs. Harrison Ford and a Saw

In an interview for Empire, Hamill openly talked about Ford's apparent anger outburst one day on set. "You heard about Harrison taking a saw to the Millennium Falcon because he got so mad?" he asked. "People were coming up to me going, 'You gotta stop Harrison, he's sawing up the Falcon.'"

Truthfully, this sounds like a pretty Han Solo-y thing to do, which only adds to the long list of reasons why Ford was perfect for the role. I mean, can't you just see Han, blind with rage over some unfortunate Falcon malfunction, taking the galaxy equivalent of a saw and claiming he's going to chop his ship to pieces? Maybe a panicked C-3PO and Chewie rush onto the scene to stop him. Sounds like a great outtake to me. 

Anyway, it turns out Ford was angry (about what, we don't know) and decided to take his rage out on the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. Hamill was the one who stepped in and put a stop to the madness before any real damage could occur. "It was made of wood and he just took a saw to it," he said in the Empire interview. "I love Harrison. I got to stop him because I can make him laugh when he gets really, really mad." 

While Chewbacca is Han Solo's best friend on screen, it seems like the bond between Ford and Hamill was strong enough to stop a potentially catastrophic fit of rage from causing some setbacks during filming. We may never know the specifics of Harrison's apparent rage, but we sure are glad Hamill was able to step in and save the Falcon from its own captain's potentially destructive hands, though in all honesty, it would take much, much, more than a saw to bring the Falcon down for good.