Watch The Trailer For Aline, Which Is Not Celine, Because It's Not About Celine Dion, Except It Is

"A fiction freely inspired by the life of Celine Dion." Today Roadside Attractions has released a trailer for their upcoming biopic/not biopic about Celine Dion called "Aline." As you can see from the quote, which shows up in the trailer, this is and is not about Celine Dion. No, it's about Aline Dieu, who is absolutely (but not) Celine Dion. Look at that pic. Yes, even down to the magical arm muscles. Celine Aline is played by Valérie Lemercier in the film, which is "coming soon." The film was a Cannes festival official selection. Here is the info for you.

"For Aline Dieu, nothing in the world matters more than music, family and love. Her powerful and emotional voice captivates everyone who hears it, including successful manager Guy-Claude Kamar, who resolves to do everything in his power to make her a star. As Aline climbs from local phenomenon to best-selling recording artist to international superstar, she embarks on the two great romances of her life: one with the decades-older Guy-Claude and the other with her adoring audiences."

There it is. Guy-Claude Kamar, who is a surrogate for Celine Dion's real-life manager-turned-husband René Angélil, who was 38 when he met the 12-year-old Celine. Apparently the relationship didn't get romantic until eight years later, but still. I know, I know. Everyone loves Celine and I have to admit, she's a riot in interviews. Voice of an angel and all that, but it all still squicks me out.

Aline Trailer

The trailer shows her rise to fame, from childhood, to stardom, to getting lost in her huge house while pregnant. The best moment, as far as I'm concerned, is when Guy-Claude calls Aline, "Celine." Another is when her mother says, "Don't you understand that my little princess deserves a prince, not an old prune, twice her age and twice divorced?" Well, technically he was more than three times her age, but whatever. Also, he says that he was divorced once, but the real guy was divorced twice. They do in the film — and did in real life — get engaged and married, and I'm just going to make this public service announcement: Please do not hide engagement rings in food. Best way to break a tooth. 

Lemercier really does have every Celine Dion move down, from the flailing to the chest-pounding. Celine Dion is a cultural icon though. Even my brother-in-law also does a very good imitation of her. Still, Cannes did like the film, so there must be something to it. The film also stars Sylvain Marcel as Guy-Claude and is directed by Lemercier (yes, the same one), who also wrote the screenplay. 

Okay, I'm dying to know what you all think of this, so tweet us @slashfilm and tag me @jennabusch so we can chat. Folks, Celine Dion is amazing for all her quirks. I do want this to be good!