Invasion Season 2 Is Heading To Apple TV+

The invasion isn't over yet. Apple TV+'s extraterrestrial epic "Invasion" will be returning for a second season, Deadline reports. The series' first season finale will air on the streamer Friday.

Series co-creator (and X-Men franchise mainstay) Simon Kinberg spoke about the renewal, saying, "I'm super excited about what we're planning for season two, expanding our universe in the most intimate and epic ways." Along with fellow co-creator David Weil, Kinberg has created a sweeping series that's reminiscent of both "War of The Worlds" and "Arrival." At the same time, the show zooms in close to particular characters, telling a global story through a few key players and bystanders.

Where We're At, Invasion-Wise

The first season of "Invasion" follows a catastrophic otherworldly invasion through multiple points-of-view. A doctor and mother in New York (Golshifteh Farahani), an American soldier in Afghanistan (Shamier Anderson), an outcast schoolboy in the UK (Billy Barratt), and a Japanese communications specialist (Shioli Kutsuna) are among those to witness the early stages of the takeover firsthand.

Most of these characters seem poised to make it to the second season, while (spoilers ahead) Sam Neill's gruff Oklahoma sheriff, who featured heavily in promotional footage, was seemingly dispatched by an alien way back in episode one. That being said, the show's most recent episode took a trippy detour into space to momentarily resurrect another key character, so death might be temporary in the "Invasion" universe. Let's hope Neill hasn't hung up his cowboy hat yet.

Apple TV+ Is Invested

Despite its apocalyptic premise, "Invasion" is perhaps best-known for its budget: the series reportedly cost $200 million to make. With their move to renew the show, Apple TV+ execs continues to signal their support for tentpole television. In October, the company also renewed another sprawling, pricey sci-fi series, the Isaac Asimov adaptation "Foundation."

Though the streamer hasn't shared exact viewership numbers, Apple TV+'s head of programming Matt Cherniss indicates that audiences are responding with enthusiasm to "Invasion." In a statement to Deadline about the series' Season 2 renewal, he said:

It has been so rewarding to witness global audiences respond to the brilliant performances, the captivating mystery and the sweeping cinematic vision, not to mention some pretty terrifying alien intruders. We couldn't be more excited for viewers to see what Invasion creators David Weil and Simon Kinberg have in store for these characters – as well as our planet – in season two.

The first season finale of "Invasion" airs Friday, December 10, 2021 on Apple TV+.