Kiernan Shipka Says 'The Door's Open' For Her To Play Sabrina Again

Kiernan Shipka played Sabrina Spellman in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" on Netflix, and throughout that time, there has been talk of a crossover into "Riverdale." At first, it seemed a bit odd. Not that she didn't interact in the Archie comics that spawned the universe, but "Riverdale," while strange, wasn't exactly dealing with much of the supernatural. That has all changed, of course. Death, ghosts, and all sorts of strange things have been happening in Riverdale. The next step? An older Sabrina Spellman is coming to town to save the day. 

The time has arrived and we're going to see Sabrina do a transference spell with Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch). Well, it can't get any weirder than it already is in Riverdale ... can it? CAN IT? Fans were split on the end of "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," and while I won't spoil it here, I will say that it would be great to have an explanation for how exactly she's able to visit the neighboring town. Witchcraft, I expect. I loved "CHAOS," and while the end was strange, it doesn't take away from the juicy silliness of it all. Shipka spoke to EW recently and said that there might be a door left open for more Sabrina and I'm absolutely here for it. 

More Chilling Adventures?

In the interview, Shipka does say we won't see Salem, but that she hopes we will in the future. Is it wrong that I really want the version of Salem that makes quippy cat comments? I cannot be alone here. We're apparently going to see a "wiser" version of our no-longer-teenage witch, and maybe this isn't the last time we'll hang with her. Shipka told the site: 

"There was always the hope of a crossover, so to get to be Sabrina again was a treat. It was a thrill. Also to go over to the set and do it for a few days and really have some fun with it, versus it being my full-time job, was really interesting. I did quite literally, in theme with Rivervale, feel like I was in an alternate universe. [Laughs] It was wonderful. I enjoyed every minute of it."

In terms of getting back into the role, she said:

"It's funny, she just like took over me the second that I started speaking. It was the craziest thing. I felt like no time had passed. Obviously I worked on the character and revisited her and thought about the script and all that kind of stuff, but it was like riding a bike in certain ways — an exciting bike. The best bike ride ever."

And now the important bit: 

"Yeah I think the door's open [for more Sabrina in the future]. I think the door is open, and that's very exciting."

Wait, does that mean we'll get a new season of "CHAOS?" Yes, please! I love watching a show that makes my boyfriend stop when he enters my TV-watching zone, look strangely at me, and wander off, confused. Welcome back, Sabrina!