Silent Night Trailer: A Feel-Bad Holiday Movie About The End Of The World

The happiest time of the year now comes with a horrifying twist: the world is ending! Keira Knightley stars in "Silent Night," a dark Christmas comedy about a family gathering to celebrate their last holiday together. Outside their merry attitudes and tinsel decorated household, the world is facing impending doom. But it's nothing that a family feast and lots of presents can't distract them from!

Now, you could say that "Silent Night" is just an exaggerated reflection of our current reality... but that's a little too depressing, so let's not. Instead, let's just consider this film an exciting experiment: what if a Christmas movie skipped the feel-good nonsense and just gave its audience an existential crisis? Sounds like a question worth answering! You can check out the trailer for "Silent Night" below.

Silent Night Trailer

The holidays can be a pretty stressful time. The family together in one place, a grand dinner to prepare, all the stress weighing down on a single person — this is what Knightley's Nell must endure in "Silent Night," as her family arrives to celebrate the holiday. As though the horrors of Christmas aren't enough, they happen to be in the midst of a global apocalypse. And to make matters worse, her son cut his hand and bled all over the carrots! But bloody veggies aside, from the looks of the trailer, the whole "end of the world" thing is definitely the crux of the film.

Along with her husband Simon (Matthew Goode), their eldest son, Art ("JoJo Rabbit" breakout Roman Griffin Davis), and their twin boys (Hardy and Gilby Griffin Davis), Nell is hosting Christmas dinner for their closest friends and family. Elsewhere, a toxic cloud of lethal poison is sweeping the planet — which the children speculate comes from either evil Russian scientists or the very upset planet Earth. The latter feels like the probable answers, especially given one of Nell's guests later proclaims, "We should've all voted green." But either way, the cause of the poisonous gas is hardly the issue — the inevitability of their death is all that matters. 

All things considered, the large group of friends is holding up pretty well; they've accepted their terrible reality and decided to push on. Sure, their conversations have a tinge of madness to them and they casually discuss death with the little kids present, but other than that, everything seems fine! This nihilistic Christmas movie is embracing darkness with plenty of humor. So in just a few weeks, we can all bundle up beside the fireplace and contemplate the end of the world. Yay. 

"Silent Night" marks the feature writing and directorial debut of Camille Griffin and in addition to Knightley, Goode and Davis brothers, the film stars Annabelle Wallis as Sandra; Lily-Rose Depp as Sophie; Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Alex; Sope Dirisu as James; Rufus Jones as Tony; and Lucy Punch as Bella.

"Silent Night" is set to debut in theaters and stream exclusively on AMC+ on Friday, December 3.