The Great Season 2 Trailer: Elle Fanning Has Great Plans For Russia

Huzzah! Elle Fanning is returning to liberate the masses! Continuing her reign as Catherine The Great, Fanning is back to lead the second season of Hulu's "anti-historical" comedy, fittingly titled "The Great." As you can expect, there's plenty of talk about coronations, beheading, bloodshed, and winning. The future ruler of Russia is finally ready to claim her throne, so get ready for the upcoming season by checking out the latest trailer below!

The Great Season 2 Trailer

Loosely based on Catherine The Great's, Empress of Russia, rise to power, "The Great" first premiered back in March of 2020. The series takes a satirical and very fictional look at the life of Russia's longest-reigning female ruler as she contemplates murdering her husband and seizing control of the country. Season 2 picks up where the last left off — husband not murdered, but country somewhat under her control — as Russia's matriarch settles into her new role.

Catherine's marriage to her spoiled, brute husband Peter III (Nicholas Hoult) has never been healthy, but seems to reach a new low in season 2 of "The Great." It's hard to see their relationship recovering from her chaotically executed coup but oddly enough, there's hope for this couple yet. Despite the fact that she made several attempts on his life, the two continue to share a dinner table and try their hand at romance, hoping some aspect of their union can work. It's in part due to Catherine's pregnancy — one of the few reasons her husband didn't kill her when he had the chance. But Catherine has always been hesitant about killing her husband too, seeing some possibility of goodness in him... Maybe if we squint hard enough, we'll see it too.

As he goes from being a ruler to a prisoner of her court, Catherine ignores the advice of her advisors and considers the possibility of Peter becoming an ally. Never mind who held a knife to whose throat last season, surely everyone can be friends! Peter might be the least of her worries though, as the second season follows her struggle to liberate a country that doesn't want to be freed. Among her many challenged is a stressful visit from her mother, Johanna, played by the regal Gillian Anderson. While Catherine pushes for enlightenment, everyone around her pushes back. Turns out the only thing harder than plotting a coup is actually ruling the country you've taken over.

"The Great" also stars Phoebe Fox is disgraced aristocrat Marial; Sacha Dhawan as one of Catherine's first allies, Lord Orlo; Adam Godley as Archbishop aka Archie; Gwilym Lee as Grigor Dymov, a member of Peter's court; Charity Wakefield as the manipulative Georgina Dymov; Douglas Hodge as General Velementov; Bayo Gbadamosi as Arkady; and Belinda Bromilow as Aunt Elizabeth.

All 10 episodes of "The Great" season 2 arrive to Hulu on November 19, 2021.