Please Play This Suicide Squad King Shark Remix At Our Funeral

DC's FanDome event has given us a number of heavily awaited updates on various high profile film and TV properties, with "Black Adam," "The Flash," "Peacemaker," and of course Matt Reeves' "The Batman" standing out as obvious highlights. "Peacemaker" is a spin-off of James Gunn's recent "The Suicide Squad" film, which sees the titular team of de facto expendables band together to combat the psychic kaiju starfish Starro the Conqueror. 

One unexpected surprise, however, is a catchy new music video featuring our favorite purveyor of nom noms, King Shark. An unexpected highlight of "The Suicide Squad," the internet sensation King Shark was voiced by Sylvester Stallone with Steve Agee (who also plays ARGUS team member John Economos, and will be reprising that role in "Peacemaker") providing on-set motion capture for the character. 

The hybrid sea predator chomped his way into the world's heart for his two central drives: friendship, and eating anyone he can get his big four-fingered hands on. And now King Shark can add the music industry to the list of worlds he has conquered. 

King Shark, culinary superstar. So smart, him.

The "King Shark Nom Nom Music Video" (building off King Shark's de facto consumption catchphrase, "nom nom") begins with Flula Borg (who plays Javelin in "The Suicide Squad") receiving texts from King Shark, who definitely does not want to eat him because he is "a vedgertarinarian." Flula's search on King Shark's culinary habits reveals the new music video, a catchy celebration of our favorite antihero beastie.

While there's no news on King Shark's future in the cookbook or culinary competition show markets, at least now we have a way to bring the King himself to any dancefloor, any where, at any time, the true Best Song of 2021.