Blue Beetle Movie Concept Art Shows Off The Latest DC Superhero Suit

This year's DC FanDome has proved to be full of surprises. To that end, the event came with a surprise panel for the upcoming "Blue Beetle" movie, which is currently in the works for HBO Max. It has been in development for some time, but finally is gaining some real traction. To that point, we got a first glimpse at the concept art for the hero's costume, which star Xolo Mariduena confidently feels is the "best" superhero costume of them all. Let's have a look.

So there we have it. It is, indeed, very blue. The whole thing looks very neon and bright. Given how dark the Snyderverse movies were, this is quite the change in tone. Star Mariduena hyped things up during the panel, expressing his confidence that the suit will be extremely awesome when it is brought to life.

"I know for a fact that any of the other superheroes out there that think they have the best superhero suit, I'm calling you out for a rap battle because I have the best suit... and I haven't even seen it! That's how confident I am."

It should be noted that Mariduena is playing the Jaime Reyes version of the character, which means this will be a Latino-fronted superhero flick. The actor expressed his excitement about that as well, hoping that it can inspire kids to aim high.

"I'm so excited to not only be a Latino on screen but to have the opportunity to show kids, you can do it too. I'm ready. We're gonna shake things up. We're gonna bring you guys a story that you haven't seen before."

Blue Beetle Is a Family Man

Director Angel Manuel Soto ("Charm City Kings") was also on hand for the panel, as was screenwriter Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer ("Miss Bala"). Soto discussed how this will differ from other superheroes, in that, it will be a family affair. The filmmaker then made a comparison to Spider-Man's famous origin story to illustrate how having a Latino at the center of the story will make things different, in this case.

"Peter Parker gets bit by a spider and one of his first instincts is to hide it from his family. Well, if you're from a Mexican family, you're not hiding anything from anybody."

This is one of several live-action DC features being developed specifically for HBO Max, including the long-gestating "Batgirl" movie, as well as a "Static Shock" film produced by Michael B. Jordan.

"Blue Beetle" does not yet have a release date set.