Killer Camp Season 1: Release Date, Cast, And More

The CW brought the slasher genre to life last year when it aired "Killer Camp." The reality competition series that was originally produced in the U.K. was imported by the network to help fill gaps in its programming schedule. These gaps were created, in part, by production delays resulting from the pandemic, but The CW turned lemons into lemonade. After airing the original series last summer, they opted to produce an American remake, which will hit the airwaves this fall. More slasher goodness through the lens of reality television is coming our way.

So, while this is technically the first season, as it's a remake, it also is going to feel like a second season for many viewers. The continuity is about as confusing as any great horror franchise should be, much like "Halloween" or "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." 

Here's everything we know about "Killer Camp" season 1.

Killer Camp Season 1 Release Date and Where You Can Watch It

"Killer Camp" season 1 (and definitely not season 2) is set to premiere on Sunday, October 10, 2021. Viewers will have the option to watch the episode when it airs. As far as streaming goes, The CW releases its shows to stream the next day on its website, so that's an option as well. It has not yet been revealed if the entire season will be made available on a major streaming service at a later date.

What Is Killer Camp?

"Killer Camp" is a competition show that takes the slasher genre and puts a reality TV spin on the whole thing. The show started life in the U.K. but found new life in the U.S. when it aired on The CW. As such, a U.S. version was produced, which is what will be airing this fall. The show has "Friday the 13th" vibes and pits 13 contestants against a "killer." The goal is to be the last one standing, and that last one standing brings home some cash.

The new U.S. version of KILLER CAMP will return to "Camp Pleasant" as a mix of 13 unlucky American and British campers navigate through new deadly twists and surprises while competing to expose the "killer" among them for a share of the $50,000 cash prize. Each night, one of them will be viciously dispatched by camp handyman Bruce, who's back with counselor Bobby (comedian Bobby Mair), along with a whole host of surprises and hilariously elaborate murders.

Killer Camp Season 1 Showrunners, Crew, and More

"Killer Camp" is executive produced by Karen Smith and Steph Harris. Ben Wilson is on board as the Showrunner. Tuesday's Child Television is the studio behind the series.

Killer Camp Season 1 Cast

As of this writing, The CW has not yet revealed the cast of contestants who will be competing for the $50,000 prize. However, Bobby Mair will be back as Counselor Bobby. We can also expect to see the show's deadly mascot, Handyman Bruce, back for more campsite carnage.