'Manifest' May Take Flight Again On Netflix

For months, Manifest fans have refused to accept the series cancelation. The #SaveManifest campaign has taken over the internet and claimed the series a temporary spot on Netflix' Top 10 list. And while no one likes to see massive fanbases throw a tantrum, we've all felt the sting of a beloved series' cancelation. Luckily, recent developments prove this stubbornness might finally pay off.

Manifest tells the story of passengers on Flight 828, a plane that mysteriously disappears for five and a half years. As you can probably imagine, the return of the plane and its passengers raises fascinating sci-fi questions and leads to plenty of personal drama. The twisty supernatural drama has already spanned three seasons but is in talks to return for a fourth.

Following the conclusion of its third season, the NBC drama was canceled by the network. Since then, series creator Jeff Rake has hinted at the possibility of revival via Twitter and encouraged fans to stay loud about their love for the show. Netflix was previously approached about picking up the series, but passed on Manifest in June. But in the past two months, the series has seen a serious uptake in viewership, so drastic that Netflix has decided to reconsider.

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. TV is in the final stages of negotiation with Netflix to renew Manifest for a fourth season. This includes Manifest providers making deals with cast members (whose contracts expired this past June) and writers, in case the show secures a new home on the streaming service.

Fans spent months organizing global watch parties in an effort to prove the show's popularity and the continued dedication of the fanbase. The Netflix Top 10 feature meant the show consistently appeared on the streamer's front page, among other popular series. So in addition to dedicated fans watching the show, Manifest has been gaining new interest from Netflix users. It's no wonder Manifest has caught Netflix's eye.

Netflix Saves Another Show!

Swooping in to save shows from cancelation has worked out spectacularly for Netflix in the past. You quickly became of the streamer's most-watched original series, despite finding little success on Lifetime. The third season has already wrapped production and is expected to premiere later this year. So far, viewership has risen between the first and second seasons, which is even better news for Netflix if the trend continues. Other saved shows include Lucifer, Longmire, and Designated Survivor.

In a way, Manifest has already found new life on Netflix — igniting the passion of its fan base and bringing in a whole new group of viewers. With Netflix producing and actually putting effort into promoting the series as its own, Manifest has the potential to continue its growth. After all, who doesn't love binging a series about a plane going missing?