Jordan Peele's Next Movie Is Called 'Nope' – Check Out The First Poster Now

Jordan Peele has revealed the title of his next mysterious horror flick: Nope. We still don't know much of anything about the film, but the poster features some sort of ominous cloud trailing what appears to be a string of flags. Which tells us...almost nothing. Did Jordan Peele make a killer cloud movie? I don't know, but I'm immediately intrigued and excited.


Behold, the poster (and title) for the new Jordan Peele movie! Peele revealed the title and poster on social media, and here's how you know Jordan Peele is a big deal: this poster tells us almost nothing. We don't know the plot. We don't know really anything, save for the fact that the cast stars Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, and Steven Yeun. And yet, all of this vagueness is the most exciting movie news I've seen in weeks. Hell yes.

This poster doesn't tell us much. There's a creepy cloud there, and the cloud has a tail of flags. Is the movie about the weather? Aliens? Clouds? Who knows! I just want to see it, now.

Nope is Peele's third feature, following Get Out, and Us. And, as you can tell from the tagline on the poster, he's sticking with the horror genre. That's thrilling – it's safe to say that Peele is one of the few horror movie auteurs currently working at the studio level today. We'll no doubt learn more about this soon. For now, though, Nope arrives on July 22, 2022 – one year from today.