Marvel Cruises Its Way To The Disney Cruise Line With A Quantum Encounter

It feels like an eon ago, but there was once a time when the world of Disney Destinations (the theme parks, resorts, cruise ships, etc.) was dominated by the characters and films of Pixar Animation Studios. You couldn't turn your head without running into a character or an attraction or a restaurant or merchandise inspired by these characters. Well, the baton has been fully passed to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They're not just in the theme parks around the world now — Marvel is headed to Disney's newest cruise ship starting next year.

"Avengers: Quantum Encounter" may sound like the name of a new ride, but don't be fooled: it's the name of a new dining experience on the Disney Wish that the company is dubbing "Disney Cruise Line's most ambitious dining experience ever." And no, based on the brief description, it doesn't quite sound like that's going to translate to gastronomic delights never before pondered. Instead, it sounds like Avengers: Quantum Encounter is going to be Ground Zero for a hybrid of dining and entertainment where characters like Ant-Man and the Wasp show off superheroic technologies for presumably awed guests.

You can watch a trailer for the event below:

The setup is that Ant-Man and the Wasp are in the middle of their first public speaking engagement on behalf of the Avengers, demonstrating various cool new gadgets and doodads for the crowd before "an unexpected villain" appears in the hopes of taking the quantum tech for themselves. In case you read all of this and wondered if the Disney Cruise Line folks forgot about the...y'know, food aspect of this dining experience, there will be dishes inspired by locales like Wakanda, Sokovia, and New York City.

Though the announcement is full of the hyperbolic language now very traditional in press releases, it's hard to argue that any dinner-show experience replete with attempts to display fictional superhero tech would indeed be ambitious. (I do not envy the wait staff who will have to carefully maneuver and choreograph their movements, carrying drinks and food items, around the actors playing Ant-Man, the Wasp, and whoever the villain of the piece is.) The Disney Wish is still roughly a year away from traveling for its inaugural voyage, so within the next year we should learn exactly how ambitious the experience of Avengers: Quantum Encounter is versus how it's been described here.

And hey...hopefully the food is good too.