'Knives Out 2' Set Photos Reveal A Spiffy New Look For Daniel Craig's Benoit Blanc

Knives Out 2 is officially in production, which means that Benoit Blanc is back on the case. And it looks like he's got himself a wardrobe update. While Daniel Craig's detective character was decked out in a tweed sports suit (I looked that up to be sure I got it right) in Knives Out, the character now finds himself in sunny Greece. A tweed suit probably wouldn't work in such a climate, which explains why a new set pic of Craig shows his Southern-fried detective wearing something loose and light. Stay cool, Benoit Blanc!


Behold, the new look of Benoit Blanc. We still don't know a whole lot about Knives Out 2 (we don't even know the title yet), but we do know the film is set in Greece, where Rian Johnson and company are shooting right now. The sunny setting is going to be an interesting contrast to the first film, which had a shadowy, autumnal vibe, with everyone wearing sweaters and overcoats.

The summer vibe is on display in the set pic above, which shows Daniel Craig's Benoit Blanc at a waterfront wearing light, billowing (but still finely-tailored) clothes. The dark grays and browns of his heavy Knives Out wardrobe are replaced by something that looks much lighter, complemented by a neckerchief for good measure. What can we infer from this look? Not much, really. At first glance, this looks like Benoit Blanc on vacation – but that could just be the location making me think that. Then again, perhaps that's part of the plot – Benoit Blanc is trying to kick back in Greece, Mama Mia! style, and ends up getting roped into a new murder mystery.

Clothes Make the Man

Jenny Eagan was the costume designer for the first Knives Out, and while I have yet to confirm if Eagan is involved with the sequel (I've reached out and will update when, and if, I get an answer; UPDATE: Rian Johnson has confirmed that Eagan is back), I'm going to use her words, because what the hell else am I going to do? End the post right here? Not likely. When it came to designing Benoit Blanc's look for the first film, Eagan said, "From the beginning, I think [Rian Johnson] had pictured it being much bigger and white linen suits and Southern gentleman."

That changed when Daniel Craig was cast for the role (in Eagan's words, such a look on Craig would've been "distracting"). "[Daniel Craig's casting] pushed it into that world of the Southern gentleman, but keeping him sort of discrete, so that he could move freely and not be noticed or detected as something other than a normal person on the street," Eagan said. Still, Eagen also gave the character "little touches like the floral ties, floral pocket square, and suspenders." And it looks like those little touches are carrying over into the sequel, what with that fancy neckerchief Craig is rocking.