Nature Heals Some More: Fireworks Are Returning To The Disney Theme Parks

If you live in the Anaheim or Orlando areas of the country, you've no doubt gotten used to – slightly, perhaps – the sound of silence every night over the last 15 months. That's because fireworks spectaculars at locations like Disneyland and Walt Disney World haven't been taking place since the early spring of 2020.

But as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to abate, nature continues to heal. Today, Disney has confirmed that fireworks spectaculars are returning to the theme parks this July.

That's right, folks. The Disney Parks Blog announced today that the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort will bring fireworks spectaculars back starting next month. It's perfect timing because if July is synonymous with anything in America, it's synonymous with fireworks. (Depending on where you live, you can already stock up on firecrackers to celebrate Independence Day, but it's not quite as fun in your backyard.)

Here's What's Coming Back

At the Magic Kingdom, the "Happily Ever After" nighttime fireworks spectacular returns on July 1, and so too will "EPCOT Forever" at Epcot. And at the Disneyland Resort, "Mickey's Mix Magic" will arrive on Independence Day itself at Sleeping Beauty Castle.

This is good news for any theme-park fan, no matter how you slice it. If you're looking for further signs of normalcy at the theme parks, nighttime spectaculars returning is high on the list. If you're a fan of fireworks shows, then it'll be delightful to see these return. And if you're a savvy theme-park tourist, you know that when fireworks shows happen, some of the most popular attractions see shorter lines because so many guests are distracted by all the colorful explosives.

Of course, the one big gap here is that some of the very best nighttime spectaculars, such as "World of Color" at Disney California Adventure and "Fantasmic" at both Disneyland Park and Disney's Hollywood Studios, remain closed. Once those nighttime shows reopen, that will be a much purer sign of the old ways coming back. But for now, it's genuinely good news that Disney Parks are back in action at night. For residents of the two Orange County locales, though...well, maybe invest in some new earplugs.