New Disneyland Meet-And-Greets Dress Your Favorite Disney Characters Like Marvel Heroes

Everyone knows that Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure is open to guests of all ages. What this news post presupposes is...maybe there's more superhero-related offerings you can take part in around the Disneyland Resort? (Please clap for the tortured connection between Loki and The Royal Tenenbaums, both starring Owen Wilson.)

Yes, it's true: though Avengers Campus is where the main superhero action can be found at the Disneyland Resort, there's more to enjoy elsewhere, both with unexpected character meet-ups and photo opportunities.

Via the Disney Parks blog, all the extra fun at Disney California Adventure begins in Hollywood Land, where you can meet Mickey Mouse in his Captain America gear and Minnie Mouse as Spider-Gwen. It's kind of a shame that we don't get to see Minnie dressed up as Agent Peggy Carter, though. That would tie into the Steve/Peggy romance, and if you know your character designs, you know that Minnie plus a 1940s-style outfit would be very cool.

Disney + Marvel = Photo Ops!

Disney's Imagineers are being playful elsewhere, as you can also meet and greet with Chip and Dale, dressed up as, respectively, Thor and Loki. See? That's how you do a clever tie-in, Disney. (The blog post linked above shows off a little bit of Chip and Dale as the God of Thunder and the God of Mischief, but here's hoping they update Dale's costume further so he's dressed up as current Loki, with prison duds from the Time Variance Authority.)

These and the other photo opportunities, such as a way to take a selfie inside a retro TV set a la WandaVision, are a solid case of Disney's Imagineers making do with what remains a very tough situation. (Speaking only for myself, as a father of two and a very big theme-park fan, I continue to remain reticent about these kinds of meet-and-greets. It'd be a lot more fun for my kids to actually hug the characters. It's understandable why Disney is holding out here, but the selfie-style photos aren't quite as fun if the characters are socially distanced.)

Probably the coolest photo op allows you to stand next to a jet fighter courtesy of Captain Marvel at Hangar 12 in Hollywood Land. There, at least, the epic scale of the plane you're next to means that there's no need to be disappointed in snapping a selfie. Until Disney allows people to get close to characters again, chances like this Marvel expansion will have to do.