Blair Witch Escape Room Takes The Ultimate Haunted Woods Horror Story To Las Vegas

If 2020 was the year of pop culture being delayed, then 2021 is the year of culture coming back. Or the year of having plenty of reasons to say "nature is healing." Theme parks around the world are reopening, but not every themed attraction is from Disney or even Universal or Six Flags. Though we're still a few months away from another Halloween, you'll have the chance to indulge in something terrifying (hopefully on purpose) this summer with a Blair Witch-themed escape room inspired by the horror franchise about the terror of being lost in the woods and being hunted by something evil. Just, you know, from the safety of sunny Las Vegas.

First revealed over at Bloody Disgusting, Escape Blair Witch purports to send any and all interested guests to "the lifelike small village of Burkittsville, Maryland," wherein they're sure to find a quaint little town, boasting some nice mom-and-pop restaurants and maybe even a cute little antique shop. Or, more likely, guests are likely going to encounter some strange goings-on, and possibly even the fabled Blair Witch.

Escape Blair Witch comes from Lionsgate and the same creative team behind a Saw-themed escape room, also in Las Vegas.

A Mystery Wrapped in a Forest Wrapped in a Las Vegas

A lot remains unclear about the details of Escape Blair Witch at this point, which is perhaps fitting considering the mysteries sure to be contained within. Seriously, though, the website for the escape room is heavy on press-release-ready language and light on details. It surely speaks to this writer's own predilection for pre-planning, but things like pricing and frequently asked questions fall under the "Coming Soon" banner. Per Bloody Disgusting, the escape room is set to open in "early summer 2021", and will require everyone to make a reservation in advance. (You know, the whole "there's a pandemic" thing. Trifling details.)

Generally speaking, escape rooms remain one of the most popular get-together trends of the last decade for Millennials and Gen Z, though it's worth wondering if an escape room themed to a film franchise whose highest point was more than 20 years ago is going to make an impact with Vegas locals and tourists alike. If nothing else, it would be fascinating to see how a presumably indoor experience is able to replicate the experience of the main trio from The Blair Witch Project. What will an indoor version of the Black Hills Forest actually look like?

Maybe you'll be among the first to find out. Details may be light now, but seeing as summer officially kicks off in under two weeks, they're almost guaranteed to be revealed in the days to come. Just remember, if you do take part in the Escape Blair Witch experience, limit yourself to just one selfie per person doing the bit from the first movie with the extreme close-up and snot dripping down your face. You don't want to overdo it too much.

In the meantime, Bloody Disgusting has some photos of the attraction, should you want to check them out.