'Shadow And Bone' Season 2 Heading To Netflix For More Fantasy World-Saving And Yearning

Thank the Saints: Shadow and Bone has been renewed for a second season. Netflix has ordered Shadow and Bone season 2, after the first season of the adaptation of Leigh Bardugo's beloved Grishaverse novels was a massive word-of-mouth hit.

Prepare for a whole new season of world-saving quests and yearning, because Shadow and Bone has been officially renewed for season 2. Hopefully with 10 times more kissing.

The renewal felt like a given considering the word-of-mouth success the show enjoyed, as well as its comfortable home on the Netflix Top 10, but it's nice to get confirmation that we can continue hanging out in the Grishaverse. Shadow and Bone may not have been a surprise hit for longtime fans of the Grishaverse, but it came as a surprise for many of us who had no knowledge of Bardugo's books before this and found themselves sucked into the show's rich fantasy world and very likable (and pretty) actors. It's really good, even if YA fantasy isn't your speed.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 is Official

Netflix announced the renewal alongside the numbers of Shadow and Bone's first 28 days, in which more than 55 million member households reportedly watched the fantasy adventure series. This is, of course, hard to check, but I won't argue against Shadow and Bone being a huge success for the streamer — after all, it spent many weeks in No. 1 spot on the U.S. Top 10, and also hit No. 1 in 79 countries including Australia, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Spain, and South Africa.

Shadow and Bone season 2 will be comprised of eight 1-hour episodes, just like the first season. The first season's cast led by Jessie Mei Li and Ben Barnes will be reprising their roles, while additional casting details are to be shared at a later date.

Showrunner, writer and executive producer Eric Heisserer said in a statement, "I'm honored and thrilled to return to the Grishaverse and continue the stories of these endearing characters, particularly Milo."

Added Bardugo, "I've been writing in the Grishaverse for nearly ten years now, so I'm thrilled we get to keep this adventure going. There are so many places we've barely gotten to visit and I can't wait to introduce our audience to more of the saints, soldiers, thugs, thieves, princes, and privateers who make this world so much fun to explore. It's going to be real magic to see our brilliant, talented cast expand."

See the Shadow and Bone season 2 announcement video, featuring cast members Jessie Mei Li (Alina Starkov), Archie Renaux (Malyen Oretsev), Freddy Carter (Kaz Brekker), Amita Suman (Inej), Kit Young (Jesper Fahey), Ben Barnes (General Kirigan), Danielle Galligan (Nina Zenik) and Calahan Skogman (Matthias Helvar), below.