The Devil Will Make You Buy These 'The Conjuring' T-Shirts

That itchy trigger finger hovering just above the "Buy" button on Warner Bros.' new horror online fan shop? That's the devil speaking. And maybe you should listen to him, because these new The Conjuring T-shirts, released in promotion of The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, are limited edition.

A limited-edition apparel collection inspired by The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do it is now available the new Warner Bros. online fan shop, the WB Horror Collection. Per the press release, "The exclusive apparel collection features new artwork based on the film's elaborate and bone-chilling props such as The Occultist Totem, The Chalice and The Skulls."

You can find the apparel, which consists of three types of T-shirt designs in varying colors of black, grey, and white, on the In addition to apparel from The Conjuring Universe, there are exclusive artwork, collectibles, and limited-edition merchandise from Warner Bros. and New Line horror classics like IT, Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Exorcist.

You can check out the "The Occultist Totem," "The Chalice," and "The Skulls" T-shirts below, each of them inspired by elements from the new film.

The Occultist Totem t-shirt ($35) is available in white, grey, and black.

"The totem was a big process," said The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It property master Kate Guanci in a statement. "It went through so many iterations to get right because of its significance. It's the connective tissue between The Occultist and each of her victims."

There were five versions of the totem prop, Guanci says, made up of a myriad of small pieces, including frayed jute, snake vertebrae, rodent ribs, deer tails, the center spine of a fish jaw, and scorpion claws (all fake plastic casts, of course).

The Chalice t-shirt ($35) is available in white, grey and black.

Of the chalice prop, Guanci recalls, "At one point, prop assistant Madeline Grayson was ordering all kinds of things online that could potentially be used as bases and combined with different bowls to create something unique. One of the things she ordered was a faux deer antler candlestick. It didn't work at all for what we needed, but it introduced the idea of bringing animal and nature elements together to create her chalice."

Prop fabricator Jen Raine stepped in to sculpt an antler base that would meet their creative needs with modeling wire and clay. Then another member of the prop team created an elaborate, four-part mold with which to cast the inverted, claw-like antler. After clean-up, paint and layering in generations of life and centuries of spells, the new base was ready to clutch the chosen brass Tibetan bowl to create The Occultist's chalice.

The Skeleton t-shirt ($35) is available in white, grey and black.

This T-shirt is pretty straightforward: just a bunch of skulls. But it does look very cool, despite not having a backstory from Guanci and the prop department.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is playing in theaters and on HBO Max now.