'Almost Famous' Getting 4K Release And Incredible Soundtrack Rerelease For Belated 20th Anniversary

Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous is celebrating its 21st birthday this year, and Paramount is releasing a newly remastered 4K version of the film on home video this summer, which includes both the theatrical and the "bootleg" cuts along with new bonus content. That alone should be exciting to fans of the music-centric drama, but just wait until you get a look at the upcoming Almost Famous 20th anniversary limited edition box set of the soundtrack, which includes everything the most diehard Stillwater fan could possibly desire.

In addition to a 4K release, a limited edition Blu-ray will also hit shelves on July 13, 2021. "We are extremely proud to revisit Almost Famous with a very special bounty of goodness," writer/director Cameron Crowe said in a press release. "For the first time, we've created a Deluxe Soundtrack that features nearly every song from the film, along with Nancy Wilson's wonderfully evocative score. We're also thrilled to finally preserve both versions of the film, along with a collection of rare new bonus features, on these beautiful new 4K and Blu-ray releases as part of Paramount Presents. Long live physical media!"

On his website, Crowe explained that he and his team have been working hard on these for the past few years, and although they missed the actual 20th anniversary window due to delays from the pandemic, he knows it will be worth the wait for fans. There are a bunch of bonus features, including previously released material, but there's also new stuff including a new interview with Crowe talking about the movie, a casting and costume featurette, extended scenes, a featurette called "Rock School," as well as "Odds & Sods," which Crowe describes as "our favorite little moments from earlier cuts of the film that aren't included in any version of the film. I won't spoil the almost 9 minutes of these fun tiny moments..."

But holy cow, if you love the music of this movie, you're going to want to shell out for this Deluxe Soundtrack, which is bursting with so much cool stuff that it's almost hard to believe:

The expanded soundtrack comes with five CDs, seven 180-gram black vinyl discs, and a brand new 7-inch for Stillwater's "Fever Dog." It includes songs from The Beach Boys, Joni Mitchell, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, The Who, and Yes, plus all the songs created for the film's fictional aspiring rock group Stillwater, most written for the movie by Cameron Crowe, Heart's Nancy Wilson, and legendary rocker Peter Frampton. The 20th anniversary soundtrack arrives on July 9, 2021, but is available to pre-order right now.