'Star Wars: The Bad Batch' Breakdown: The Details And History That Enrich "Cut And Run"

This post contains spoilers for the second episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, titled "Cut and Run."

As the Bad Batch make their way from Kamino following the events of the first episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, they need somewhere to hide and lay low for a while. We heard them speak about about needing to meet someone on J-19. What J-19 means is dubious, but we know they head to the planet Saluecami. Saluecami was first mentioned by Obi-Wan Kenobi in Revenge of the Sith as a planet that had fallen to the Republic from Separatist control.

Here, they learn of the steps the new Empire is taking to control the lives of its citizens, taking a running leap at becoming the fascist dictatorship we know the Empire to be.

The Deserter

The contact the Bad Batch finds on Saleucami is none other than Cut Lawquane, a clone who decided fighting in the Clone war was something he had no interest in doing. He deserted the Grand Army of the Republic and took up the simple life of a farmer on Saleucami. He fell in love with a Twi'lek named Suu Lawquane and adopted her children. They lived a quiet life until the Clone Wars invaded their planet again.

In "The Deserter," the tenth episode of the second season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Captain Rex was wounded and found himself in the care of Cut and his family. The two of them had a philosophical debate about the purpose of Clones and their ability to choose. Instead of turning him in, Captain Rex decided to keep Cut's secret.

In this episode, the Bad Batch and Cut clearly have a past together, but there isn't more information about that particular moment for now. He does mention, though, that Rex crossed his path again, just the day before, giving us some clue as to what Rex's next moves were after he and Ahsoka parted ways in the finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Chain Codes

One aspect of the world-building that we first really saw with The Mandalorian has revealed its origin in The Bad Batch. Chain codes. In The Mandalorian, they seem like a way to track people wherever they are and are used mainly by Bounty Hunters, but at this point, it seems as though it's the Empire's way of tracking everyone. It seems tailor-made to make it difficult for people to leave a planet under the thumb of the Empire without the proper chain code. With Tatooine outside of the Republic and only under Imperial control at the end of the war, it's no wonder it was a safe place for Luke to live without needing a chain code.

This makes it difficult for Cut and his family, though, as the Bad Batch work to help them get off Saleucami.

Intergalactic Animals

When Omega is playing on the Lawquane family farm, you can see some livestock hopping in the background. These are nuna, and they first appeared in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. They're also known as swamp turkeys. They're raised as livestock primarily on Naboo, but in other places in the galaxy as well. The Lawquanes raise them on Saleucami as we can see here, but you can also find them on Batuu, the setting of Disney's Star Wars theme park lands. You can buy Nuna Turkey Jerky at the Ronto Roasters restaurant on Black Spire Outpost and get a taste of this intergalactic delicacy.

Another familiar animal featured in this episode is a Nexu. These cat-like creatures first appeared in Attack of the Clones and were used by the Geonosians to try to kill Padmé Amidala in the arena. They're vicious and found on a few other planets. Why Saleucami has such a varied diversity of animals native to other planets is unknown. Speaking of Batuu and Galaxy's Edge, you can see a Nexu in person at Dok Ondar's den of antiquities at Black Spire Outpost...or at least the mounted head of one.


As Cut and Suu do their best to flee Saluecami, one can see similarities in the process of leaving with the depiction in Solo: A Star Wars Story. As Han and Qi'ra try to escape Corellia through the Coronet City Space Port, the cage where the customs official sits is remarkably similar to the one seen in this episode.

The tension here ratchets up in a similar way as they try to escape before being detected. Cut is almost caught when a fellow clone recognizes him, but is forced to let him go because the ruckus elsewhere.

With Omega reunited with the Bad Batch and the Lawquane family safely whisked away from Saluecami, we're left to wonder what the Bad Batch's next destination will be.