Adam Wingard In Talks To Direct 'Godzilla Vs. Kong' Sequel, Which May Be Called 'Son Of Kong'

It sounds like the MonsterVerse will go on.

Adam Wingard, who directed Legendary's blockbuster hit Godzilla vs. Kong, is reportedly in early talks to return to direct a sequel that will continue the franchise and potentially be called Son of Kong.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Legendary is "quietly taking steps to stretch" the MonsterVerse franchise "into one or more installments," with Son of Kong being a title that is reportedly being floated internally at the studio. Adam Wingard, who directed movies like You're Next and The Guest before tackling Godzilla vs. Kong, is in early talks to direct this new installment, making him the first filmmaker to helm more than one movie in this franchise.

No writer is attached yet, but Max Borenstein has worked on every entry in the franchise thus far, so it seems like a safe guess that he will eventually be able to put his stamp on this one, as well. THR says Wingard was "very involved" in crafting the Hollow Earth plotline in Godzilla vs. Kong, so that could provide a hint at a direction for this follow-up film. Though incredibly dumb, the Hollow Earth section of the movie introduced a vast and visually distinctive world that opens the door for meeting all kinds of additional creatures and action set pieces – especially with the tricky way that gravity functions in that realm. And if there's a Son of Kong, it seems like there's probably also going to be a Mrs. Kong (or at least a Ms. Kong – maybe giant apes like to get down and dirty without conforming to the institution of marriage).

Godzilla vs. Kong has become a monster hit, pulling in more than $400 million worldwide with several major markets still to go. That's enough to make it the biggest Hollywood hit since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, so it's no surprise that the studio would want to dip back into this well since it clearly hasn't run dry quite yet.

There's no timetable in place yet for when this new movie might actually get off the ground, since no script currently exists and Wingard is pretty busy already. Over the past several weeks, he has lined up multiple major directing gigs, including a Face/Off sequel which will presumably bring back original stars Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, as well as a live-action movie based on the 1980s animated television series Thundercats.