'New Order' Trailer: NEON's Mexican Dystopian Drama Is A Violent Revolt Against The Rich

Parasite seems to have opened the floodgates for genre movies that tackle class disparity (at least, those that will be picked up by NEON), and the Mexican dystopian drama New Order takes the baton and runs with it. NEON has released a brutal and vicious trailer for Michel Franco's dystopian drama, which follows a rich wedding party interrupted by a violent social upheaval. Watch the New Order trailer below.

New Order Trailer

Welcome to the new world order. It's grim, and violent, and unsettling, and takes "eat the rich" to the extreme. New World is Michael Franco's violent dystopian vision of social upheaval, starting with a fancy wedding party that sees a few strange interruptions: guests splattered in green paint, faucets running green. Then the greatest interruption of all: an army of embittered lower-class people who storm the pristine house and take all of the rich and wealthy prisoner.

It's a striking trailer that teases an even more striking film about class disparity which "makes Parasite look tame," according to /Film reviewer Marshall Shaffer. He writes in his review from the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival, "New Order presents a ruthlessly barbaric vision of social breakdown with melt-your-face-off intensity, one made all the more potent and difficult to shake given Franco's stark realism about where platitudes like 'eat the rich' would inevitably lead."

In addition to making the official selection at TIFF, New Order screened won the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival and made the AFI Official Selection for 2020. And based on its whopper of trailer (and the critical raves that NEON plasters throughout), New Order is going to be one of the must-watches of this year.

New Order stars Diego Boneta, Naian González Norvind, Samantha Yazareth Anaya, Dario Yazbek Bernal and Patricia Bernal.

Here is the synopsis for New Order:

Conceived six years ago, Michel Franco's near-future dystopia feels ripped from headlines that haven't yet been written. While protests rage in the streets, Marianne's high society family prepares for her wedding. At first, only splatters of green paint and the appearance of Rolando, a former employee seeking emergency medical funds, intrude on the festivities. But soon the party is unable to keep the reckoning at bay, and what follows is a swift disintegration of law and order defined first by class lines, then by disastrous government recapitulation.

New Order is set to open in theaters on May 21, 2021.