'Spaceman': Carey Mulligan Joins Cast Of Upcoming Adam Sandler Netflix Movie

Carey Mulligan wants in on that sweet Adam Sandler Netflix action, so she's joining the cast of the Sandman's next venture: Spaceman, a film about an astronaut sent to the edge of the galaxy to collect mysterious ancient dust. While Sandler has tended to make incredibly goofy and brainless comedies as part of his big Netflix deal, Spaceman is reportedly more of a sci-fi drama with comedic undertones.

Deadline is reporting the news that Carey Mulligan will star in Spaceman along with Adam Sandler. She'll be playing Sandler's wife, and that news immediately gave me pause. Look, don't get me wrong – I love the Sandman, but several of his comedies have wife characters who just sort of hang out in the background not doing much. But it seems Spaceman isn't going to be another Sandler Netflix comedy like The Ridiculous Six. Instead, it's being billed as more of a sci-fi drama. Is Sandler going to try to go for that Oscar gold again after being denied for his great work in Uncut Gems? We can only hope.

The film is based on the Jaroslav Kalfa book Spaceman of Bohemia, and follows "an astronaut (Sandler) sent to the edge of the galaxy to collect mysterious ancient dust. He soon finds his earthly life falling to pieces, and he turns to the only voice who can help him try to put it back together. It just so happens to belong to a creature from the beginning of time lurking in the shadows of his ship." Here's the book's synopsis, which sounds a bit different:

Orphaned as a boy, raised in the Czech countryside by his doting grandparents, Jakub Prochv°zka has risen from small-time scientist to become the country's first astronaut. When a dangerous solo mission to Venus offers him both the chance at heroism he's dreamt of, and a way to atone for his father's sins as a Communist informer, he ventures boldly into the vast unknown. But in so doing, he leaves behind his devoted wife, Lenka, whose love, he realizes too late, he has sacrificed on the altar of his ambitions.

Alone in Deep Space, Jakub discovers a possibly imaginary giant alien spider, who becomes his unlikely companion. Over philosophical conversations about the nature of love, life and death, and the deliciousness of bacon, the pair form an intense and emotional bond. Will it be enough to see Jakub through a clash with secret Russian rivals and return him safely to Earth for a second chance with Lenka?

Johan Renck (Chernobyl) is directing the pic, with a script by Colby Day.