'Snake Eyes' Toys Give Us Our First Look At The 'G.I. Joe Origins' Characters

Rather than getting some stills directly from the movie or even some set pics, our first real look at Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins comes in the form of...toys. Perhaps the powers that be assumed that since G.I. Joe originated as a toy series it only makes sense to give us our first glimpse of the new G.I. Joe movie in toy form. Perhaps not. In any case, if you're interested in seeing tiny plastic effigies of Henry GoldingAndrew Koji, Samara Weaving, and more, please keep on reading.

There have been numerous times where we accidentally get our first look at an upcoming blockbuster via a leaked image of some toys. But that's not what's happening here – the images you're about to see aren't leaked; they're official, and presented directly to Entertainment Weekly. But it's downright strange that the folks behind the upcoming Snake Eyes would prefer to give us our first real glimpse of the film's characters in tiny toy form (to be fair, we did get an early production image that showed Henry Golding walking up some stairs, but that wasn't exactly a great representation of the film). Why not release some official images from the production? The film has already wrapped, so I imagine it's not very hard to scrounge up some pics. But that's not what we're getting – we're getting toys instead.

First up, here's a toy version of Henry Golding as the titular character, Snake Eyes. "I think the heart of the story really is who Snake is and his journey as a person, really. Understanding his motivations," Golding told EW. "I can't give away too much, but it really focuses on the one person instead of having 20 people on screen and understanding background. We start from the beginning. And, hopefully, this launches an amazing franchise." In G.I. Joe lore, Snake Eyes is a silent ninja – but I think it's safe to assume the movie is going to have him speak, otherwise they wouldn't have cast an actor of Golding's caliber.

Storm Shadow figure

Next, here's a toy featuring a likeness of Andrew Koji as Storm Shadow, the arch-enemy of Snake Eyes.

This is Scarlett, who is played in the movie by Samara Weaving, and I guess this kind of looks like Weaving. Sort of.

Úrsula Corberó plays Baroness in the film, and this is her action figure.

Finally, this is the figure for Haruka Abe as Akiko. You can see even more images of the figures over at EW.

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins opens on July 23. Here's a logo for the film.