'To All The Boys' Spin-Off Series Centering On Anna Cathcart's Kitty In The Works At Netflix

Who cares about boys when you've got Kitty Song Covey? Lara Jean's snarky younger sister, played by Anna Cathcart in all three To All the Boys I've Loved Before movies, was the impetus for the romantic-comedy films and a scene-stealer in her own right, always ready with a zinger and a snazzy outfit. And she might be getting her own To All the Boys spin-off series at Netflix.

To All the Boys spin-off series centering on Cathcart's Kitty Song Covey is reportedly in early development at Netflix, Variety reports. Awesomeness Productions and ACE Entertainment is developing the half-hour romantic comedy series which would "follow Kitty Song Covey (Cathcart), Lara Jean's younger sister, as she goes on her own journey to find true love."

Jenny Han, who wrote the To All the Boys books, is on board as creator, writer, and executive producer of the series, and will co-write the pilot script with Siobhan Vivian. Awesomeness and ACE, which produced the three To All the Boys films for Netflix, would develop the series. Netflix declined to comment on the series to Variety.

This spin-off comes as no surprise considering Netflix's love for keeping its popular IP's alive — and there's an unresolved romantic subplot that Kitty gets in the third To All the Boys movie, Always and Forever. After playing third fiddle in the first two films, in which she was found to play an instrumental role in setting up Lara Jean's love life — first sending out the letters to her crushes, then interfering in various other ways — she finally got to have her first relationship in To All the Boys: Always and Forever, meeting a boy during a family trip to South Korea whom she starts a long distance relationship with. Other than a few funny one-liners about the boy, who we see for all of two seconds, the subplot kind of gets dropped. But a spin-off series would definitely be the place to pick it up again.

Han had said in an interview with Variety that the film franchise was over and that she was grateful she got to "tell the whole story," but clearly while Lara Jean's story is over, Kitty's is just beginning.

I'm not sure I'm clamoring for a spin-off series centered around Kitty; while the character is fun in small doses, her spunky teen schtick might begin to grate in a long-form TV series. But hey, maybe there are fans of Kitty who wants to see her navigate her own love story.