'The Night House' Trailer: Rebecca Hall Sees Double In Sundance Horror Hit

The haunted house movie has been done, again and again. Something goes bump in the night, our frightened protagonist sees something in the corner of their eye, and suddenly they're dragged violently out of frame. And yet there's always a movie that can inject some new energy into the haunted house genre, whether it gives it a refugee context, like His House, or whether it stars Rebecca Hall, like The Night House. And who are we kidding, we'll watch a haunted house horror movie just for Rebecca Hall.

Hall stars in the latest film from director David Bruckner as a widow left alone in the empty lake house built by her late husband. And well, you know what happens. Watch The Night House trailer below.

The Night House Trailer

In The Night House, Hall's character begins to suspect something is amiss about the empty lake house built by her husband, who had recently committed suicide. Strange spectral visions plague her, and things start moving around the house. Soon she uncovers her husband's disturbing secret: there's another version of their lake house, but built in reverse.

Night House looks properly creepy, with jump scares and an unraveling performance by Hall that could set it apart from your average haunted house movie. And it earned some solid praise at Sundance last year, including from /Film's Chris Evangelista, who wrote in his review: "The Night House wants to do a lot of things. It wants to be a compelling mystery-thriller; it wants to be a portrait of crushing, even existential grief; and it wants to scare the shit out of you. It's mostly successful on all those fronts, primarily thanks to Hall's performance and Bruckner's direction."Night House stars Sarah Goldberg from BarryVondie Curtis Hall (Eve's Bayou), Evan Jonigkeit (Togetherish), and Stacy Martin (Nymphomaniac).

Here is the synopsis:

Reeling from the unexpected death of her husband, Beth (Rebecca Hall) is left alone in the lakeside home he built for her. She tries as best she can to keep it together – but then nightmares come. Disturbing visions of a presence in the house calling to her, beckoning her with a ghostly allure. Against the advice of her friends, she begins digging into her husband's belongings, yearning for answers. What she finds are secrets both strange and disturbing – a mystery she's determined to unravel. THE NIGHT HOUSE stars Rebecca Hall (HOLMES & WATSON, CHRISTINE), Sarah Goldberg (Barry, Elementary), Vondie Curtis Hall (DIE HARD 2, EVE'S BAYOU), Evan Jonigkeit (Togetherish, Sweetbitter), and Stacy Martin (VOX LUX, NYMPHOMANIAC).

Searchlight Pictures releases The Night House on July 16, 2021.