'Bosch' Spin-Off In The Works At IMDb TV; Dads Across America Race To Figure Out What IMDb TV Is

Bosch is about to end its run on Amazon after seven seasons, but fans of Michael Connelly's stern detective character shouldn't order their "RIP Bosch" merch quite yet.

IMDb TV has given the go-ahead to a Bosch spin-off series, which will feature Titus WelliverMimi Rogers, and Madison Lintz reprising their roles as Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch, Honey "Money" Chandler, and Maddie "Bosch's daughter" Bosch. Now all viewers have to do is figure out what the heck IMDb TV is. Learn more about the new series below.

We'll get to the IMDb TV question in a minute. First, the big Bosch news: the brand-new spin-off series will begin filming this year and "will follow Harry Bosch as he embarks on the next chapter of his career and finds himself working with his one-time enemy and top-notch attorney Honey 'Money' Chandler. With a deep and complicated history between this unlikely pair, they must work together to do what they can agree on – finding justice."

If you're asking yourself, "wait a second, if Welliver is coming back, why isn't this just Bosch season 8?", the answer – surprise, surprise – boils down to money. As TV journalist Alan Sepinwall pointed out on Twitter, "returning cast/crew get guild-mandated raises with each new season; restarting as a 'new' show allows many budget line items to reset." So this will be far cheaper than just making a Bosch season 8, and it's also probably helpful behind the scenes for Amazon to slide this out of the Prime Video budget and fund it with cash from a different streaming entity.

OK, so how will people actually be able to watch this when it's ready to go? The answer is IMDb TV, which I'm guessing a lot of people have never heard of. It's a completely free streaming service "with thousands of premium movies and TV shows available anytime," and it's available as an app on Fire TV and Roku devices and as a free Channel within Prime Video and IMDb apps. The downside is that there are unskippable ads on the service, and there is not a paid tier to be able to get around them. Please pass this information along to the fathers or father figures in your lives: for the tech-savvy among them, this should help immensely. If they're not tech-savvy, hopefully the pandemic will be over in time for you to visit them and walk them through the process in person.

The seventh and final season of Bosch hits Amazon Prime Video in summer 2021.