Christopher Nolan Pulls Off Temporal Pincer Movement As 'Tenet' Finally Heads To New York Theaters Friday

Christopher Nolan's temporal pincer movement must've finally worked, because six months after initially opening and three months after hitting digital and Blu-ray, Tenet is finally opening in New York theaters this Friday. NYC theaters have been shut down for months and are slowly opening back up – even though they probably shouldn't just yet – which means it's time for Warner Bros. to finally roll out Nolan's latest epic on the big screen in the Big Apple.

There's something fitting about a movie about inverting time arriving in new theaters half a year after it was initially released. New York City is slowly opening theaters at a limited capacity, which means that Christopher Nolan's Tenet will finally have a chance to play on the big screen in the City that Never Sleeps. Per Deadline, you can catch Tenet at AMC Lincoln Square, AMC Empire, AMC Kips Bay, Village East by Angelika (70mm), and Showcase Cinemas Jamaica this Friday, March 5.

Of course, just because you can watch Tenet on the big screen in New York right now doesn't mean you should. I know there are multiple COVID-19 vaccines right now and they're being rolled out daily, but we're still not out of the woods just yet, gang. In fact, the World Health Organization just said that it's "unrealistic" to expect the pandemic to be over by the end of 2021 (although they did add that "hospitalizations and deaths can be significantly reduced if the vaccine rollout is successful"). On top of that, Tenet has been on Blu-ray and digital since November, so you could very easily watch it from the safety of your home. I get it – you might want to see it on a big screen, and you might want to get the hell out of your house. That's your choice to make.

In Tenet, "A secret agent is given a single word as his weapon and sent to prevent the onset of World War III. He must travel through time and bend the laws of nature in order to be successful in his mission." I managed to catch the film at a very socially distanced press screening, where I had to wear a mask the entire time, and I came away a little cold. However, I revisited the film on Blu-ray and found I enjoyed it a bit more the second time around. It's not Nolan's best, but it has its charms.