Jonathan Majors To Battle Eldritch Monsters Again As Star Of Netflix's 'Gordon Hemingway & The Realm Of Cthulhu'

Jonathan Majors loves himself some Lovecraft. The Lovecraft Country star is going to continue his battle against Eldritch monsters in Netflix's Gordon Hemingway & The Realm of Cthulhu in which Majors is in talks to star. It would be Majors' second team-up with Spike Lee, who will produce the film, after starring in the filmmakers' acclaimed Netflix hit Da 5 Bloods.Variety reports that Jonathan Majors is in negotiations to play Gordon Hemingway in Spike Lee and Stefon Bristol's Gordon Hemingway & the Realm of Chulhu at Netflix. The film follows a "roguish Black American gunslinger" dealing with an ancient evil in East Africa in 1928, which we have to assume comes from H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, based on that title.

Majors has had a hell of a year (and is due to have an even better year with an upcoming role in Marvel's Ant-Man 3), breaking out in a big way with HBO's supernatural horror series Lovecraft Country and in Spike Lee's Da 5 Bloods. Majors obviously has had some experience starring in Lovecraft-inspired stories before, and he's shown in the aforementioned titles, as well as in 2019's The Last Black Man in San Francisco, that he has leading man charisma in spades. Majors would eat up the part of a "roguish" gunslinger and look good doing it.

Majors is an exciting new addition to Gordon Hemingway & the Realm of Chulhu, a film "set in East Africa in 1928 and [which] centers on Hemingway, a roguish Black American gunslinger, who teams up with the elite warrior Princess Zenebe of Ethiopia to rescue the country's kidnapped regent from an ancient evil." Based on an original screenplay by Hank Woon with rewrites by Fredrica BaileyGordon Hemingway & the Realm of Chulhu is the latest Black-led project that reimagines the works of Lovecraft from a more diverse perspective – an extremely satisfying approach considering Lovecraft's famously racist beliefs. Lovecraft Country was able to successfully graft the Black experience onto Lovecraft's brand of cosmic horror, so it will be interesting to see if Gordon Hemingway & the Realm of Chulhu will be able to achieve the same.

Director Stefon Bristol is also a promising rising talent; his debut film See You Yesterday is a coming-of-age time travel gem that sadly came and went when it premiered on Netflix in 2019. Having seen and been very charmed by See You Yesterday, I'm intrigued to see what Bristol does with Gordon Hemingway & the Realm of Chulhu, especially with a magnetic star like Majors in the lead.

Gordon Hemingway & the Realm of Chulhu will be produced by Lee and his Da 5 Bloods producing partners Lloyd Levin and Beatriz Levin.