Corpse-Filled 'Army Of The Dead' Behind-The-Scenes Image Arrives Ahead Of Tomorrow's Trailer

Ready for Zack Snyder's big new movie for 2021?! No, I don't mean the Snyder Cut of Justice League –  I'm talking about Army of the Dead, Snyder's return to the world of zombies. The action-horror pic follows a group of mercenaries who attempt to pull off a big heist in the middle of zombie-infested Las Vegas. The Army of the Dead trailer is arriving tomorrow, and ahead of that, we have a behind-the-scenes pic that features Snyder, star Dave Bautista, and a whole lot of corpses (to be clear, they're fake movie corpses, so don't get too stressed).

There you have it! An image that appears to show Zack Snyder asking Dave Bautista, "Hey, where'd all these dead bodies come from!?" Bautista looks equally flummoxed by the whole thing. I hope these two guys figure this one out before they get in trouble! The pic is, of course, an Army of the Dead behind-the-scenes image, giving us just a hint of all the zombie-mayhem to come.

In Zack Snyder's upcoming Netflix film, "Following a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries take the ultimate gamble, venturing into the quarantine zone to pull off the greatest heist ever attempted." I love this premise, but the wet blanket part of my brain keeps wondering: why would anyone care about money during a zombie apocalypse? I imagine the financial system as we know it would collapse. Then again, maybe the zombie outbreak is only in Las Vegas, somehow, and the rest of the world is unscathed. Really, though, I'm probably just overthinking this and should sit back and enjoy whatever goofy fun Snyder has to offer.

I'm not a fan of Snyder's superhero work, but I loved his Dawn of the Dead remake, so I'm very interested in seeing him return to the world of zombies. And we'll be able to get our first real look at the film tomorrow, February 25, when the Army of the Dead trailer arrives. In addition to all of that we also now know what the film is rated, and why. It's rated R (obviously), for "Strong bloody violence, gore and language throughout, some sexual content and brief nudity/graphic nudity." Brief nudity and graphic nudity? This movie has everything!

Army of the Dead arrives on Netflix May 21, 2021.