It Was Kathryn Hahn Singing Agatha's 'WandaVision' Theme Song All Along

This post contains spoilers for the latest episode of WandaVision.

It was Kathryn Hahn all along. Not only has the scene-stealing actress been the consistent highlight of WandaVision as Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision's (Paul Bettany) nosy neighbor Agnes, Hahn has been the secret weapon....behind the extremely catchy new theme song "Agatha All Along." That's right, those are Hahn's golden pipes singing the Addams Family-style tune penned by songwriting duo Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez. Which adds another wonderful layer to the title "Agatha All Along."

Have you found it impossible getting "Agatha All Along" out of your head since you first heard the revelatory theme song during the latest WandaVision episode, "Breaking the Fourth Wall"? Well, that's thanks to the talents of Lopez and Anderson-Lopez, who penned the earworm, alongside all the other theme songs that played during WandVision's run. And while the songwriting duo have lent their own voices to the songs, along with singers like Kathleen Hanna and unnamed choruses, Lopez and Anderson-Lopez revealed in an interview with that the singer behind "Agatha All Along" was none other than Hahn herself:

Anderson-Lopez: [Agatha] gets her own theme song that is in, sort of, The MunstersAddams Family, kind of, witchy, ghoulish feeling.

Lopez: That's the one that Kristen's not on. I'm in the group of guys, the backup guys. But Kathryn [Hahn] takes the lead on that one. She was amazing.

As if we couldn't love Hahn any more, whose gonzo performance as the wacky, innuendo-spouting Agnes in WandaVision was already a driving force behind the show's success, she has to go and prove that she's an immense talent who deserves all the renewed internet ardor she's getting, and more. Lopez is the first to remind readers that Hahn is a "musical theater star," whose musical talents are currently being showcased on Apple TV+'s Central Park," on which Anderson-Lopez's sister Kate Anderson works as composer. "nAd we know, because of that, how amazing her voice is," Lopez said.

"And she's such a great sport," Anderson-Lopez added. "Just the half hour— wasn't it a half hour that we worked with her, really? After that, I was like, we need to work with her again. Because she was just game [for anything], and she was like, [imitates witchha, ha, ha."

I've always known Hahn as a comedy scene-stealer in films like Step Brothers, shows like Parks and Recreation, and dozens more, but I'd never known of her musical theater background and can only be in awe of how perfect she is in WandaVision. Seeing Hahn get to flex not only her comedy chops and singing chops, as well as ham it up as a supervillain, is pretty much everything you could ask for.

Listen to "Agatha All Along," and get it stuck in your head again, below.

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