Lana Condor Is A Teen Ghost In Netflix's Comedy Limited Series 'Boo, Bitch'

Lana Condor is trading boy trouble for supernatural trouble in Boo, Bitch, a new live-action comedy series from Netflix in which the To All the Boys star stars as a teenage girl who wakes up one morning to find herself a ghost.

Lana Condor is set to star in and executive produce Boo, Bitch, "a live-action comedy limited series about a high school senior who, after years of playing it safe, decides to live an epic life ... only to wake up the next morning and find out she's now a ghost," Netflix announced.

The eight-episode comedy series comes from Erin Ehrlich (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, King of the Hill) and Lauren Iungerich (On My Block, Awkward), Deadline reports. Ehrlich and Iungerich are creating a new take on an original script optioned from co-creators Tim Schauer and Kuba Soltysiak.

The very silly title aside, Ehrlich and Iungerich's credentials could bode well for this series. Their work on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Awkward (the latter of which Iungerich created and on which Ehrlich served as executive producer) show that they have the finger on the pulse of young, strong-willed female characters, ghosts or not. And Condor is deserving of a starring vehicle that will allow her to shed her sweetheart persona that she earned from her other major Netflix hit, To All The Boys I've Loved Before. It seems like Condor and Netflix have struck up a good partnership, though Condor might want to watch out before she starts to appear in everything from the streamer like her To All the Boys co-star Noah Centineo. But with the young star executive producing the limited series, it appears that Condor will at least have more of a say in this series.

It's unclear what Boo, Bitch will be like from the short synopsis we've received, but what I can tell from the profanity-laden title and the past works of Ehrlich and Iungerich is that the series will probably be a tongue-in-cheek, witty take on the supernatural comedy, with maybe a dash of romance and coming-of-age drama thrown in.

Netflix appears to have a fondness for ghost shows lately, with the hit teen series Julie and the Phantoms and the abundance of K-dramas and J-dramas on the service that feature similar comedic riffs on the spectral phenomenon. I'm not sure if there are enough ghost shows to call it a trend yet, but it's starting to get a little...spooky.

Ehrlich and Iungerich will serve as showrunners on Boo Bitch and executive produce with Condor, Jonathon Komack Martin (Deadpool), Blake Goza (The Escort) and Jamie Dooner (On My Block). Schauer and Soltysiak will co-executive produce.