'Marvel's Behind The Mask' Trailer: Disney+ Documentary Goes Into Marvel Comics' Superhero Origins

No one may have cared who they are until they put on the masks, but the new Disney+ documentary, Marvel's Behind the Mask, will help you care. An upcoming documentary about the comic book artists who helped create the Marvel superheroes that now grace our big and small screens, Marvel's Behind the Mask goes into why superheroes connect so much with fans and readers. Watch the Marvel's Behind the Mask trailer below.

Marvel's Behind the Mask Trailer

Why do people love Spider-Man? On the page, he's just a guy in a red-and-blue suit who jumps off tall buildings. But Marvel creative director Joe Quesada recounted something that Spider-Man creator Stan Lee once told him: "Tell me who he is, tell me what his problems are, and now, when he flies off that building, we're in that suit."

Directed by Michael JacobsMarvel's Behind the Mask is a special documentary film that takes a deep dive into Marvel's 80-year legacy, with the help of comic creatives and pop culture experts. The writers and artists behind iconic Marvel Universe characters like Black Panther, Miles Morales, Ms. Marvel, Luke Cage, the X-Men, Captain Marvel, and many more speak about why those characters resonated with fans, and what impact they had on pop culture, and themselves.

It's nice to see Disney+ using the platform to get into behind-the-scenes storytelling that highlights the artists and creatives who helped craft these characters that so heavily dominate our pop culture landscape. Whatever your thoughts on superheroes, or on this documentary — whether it's a fluff piece or if it delivers genuine insight into the creative process — Marvel's Behind the Mask does at least have that thing going for it.

Marvel's Behind the Mask is produced by Chris Gary and Ryan Simon for Tarmac Creative and Strike Anywhere. Joe Quesada, Shane Rahmani, Stephen Wacker, John Cerilli, Harry Go, and Sarah Amos of Marvel New Media are executive producing.

The official synopsis for the documentary special is below:

From the very inception of comic books, secret identities have been an integral part of both Super Heroes and Villains leading "normal" lives. But it's the characters beneath that resonate within us across generations of fans. Since the advent of the Marvel Age of Comics in the early 1960s, Marvel's writers and artists have used the notion of identities to examine the evolving concept of equal rights. These legendary Marvel creations and stories have not only reflected the world outside our window – they have become a reflection of our own identities and who we truly are.

Marvel's Behind the Mask will be available for streaming on Friday, February 12, 2021.