Riz Ahmed Signs First-Look TV Deal With Amazon, Says He's Done With 'Venom' And 'Star Wars'

Riz Ahmed is garnering rave reviews and awards season attention for his work in Sound of Metal, and now he's got an eye on the future. The actor just signed a first-look TV deal with Sound of Metal distributor Amazon Studios. In other Riz Ahmed news: when asked if he might return for more Venom or Star Wars films, Ahmed essentially said, "Thanks, but no thanks."

Riz Ahmed Amazon Studios Deal

Riz Ahmed, go get that money. The actor just signed a first-look deal with Amazon Studios, with AMC executive Allie Moore joining Ahmed's Left Handed Films as executive vice president and head of television (per The Wrap). Regarding the deal, Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon Studios, said: "Riz is a tremendous talent and the vision to amplify stories from fresh and bold perspectives and voices aligns with ours perfectly. We loved working with Riz on Sound of Metal and we're really excited to continue and build on our relationship with him, Allie and the entire team at Left Handed Films."

Ahmed added:

"The Sound of Metal campaign has been a brilliant first experience of working with Amazon Studios. Their emphasis on creating community between bold creatives, their global reach, and their desire to nurture under-served audiences make it the perfect home for Left Handed – whose mission is to stretch culture. In building the team around us, we looked exhaustively for a one-of-a-kind TV executive to shape the next stage of this journey. We found that executive in Allie Moore — who has consistently championed bold, character-driven stories, whether from new or established voices. I couldn't be more pleased to welcome her to the Left Handed family."

Riz Ahmed on Returning For More Venom and Star Wars: Nah

Meanwhile, Ahmed was asked by THR if he might return to the worlds of Venom or Star Wars. The actor played villain Carlton Drake in 2018's Venom, and hero Bodhi Rook in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. And, in both cases, his characters died. "I think I'm done in Venom," Ahmed said. "It's pretty conclusive. Dude got blown up in a spaceship." He's right: the dude did, indeed, get blown up in a spaceship.

And what of Star Wars? While that character also got blown up, Ahmed's Rogue One co-star Diego Luna is returning in Cassian Andor, a Disney+ series that serves as a prequel story. If they're bringing back Diego Luna, could they bring back Riz Ahmed as well? Apparently not, as Ahmed replied: "I just haven't heard of that, to be honest."

Now, there's always a chance that Ahmed is playing coy and that he'll pop-up on the Cassian Andor show in some sort of cameo, but for now, let's take him at his word.