Wanda And Vision's Domestic Bliss Was Messed-Up From The Very Beginning

(Welcome to Great Moments in MCU History, where we fondly recall great little bits that made us fall in love with the MCU.)Two episodes of WandaVision are out now on Disney+, with seven more on the way before Marvel Studios' first proper foray into television wraps up. But even two episodes in, it's safe to say Wanda and Vision's life of domestic bliss has issues. For one, it appears to be some kind of fantasy based around sitcom episodes. For another, one of the participants had his forehead crushed by Thanos and is supposed to be very dead. And to add a third thing, neither Wanda nor Vision seem to be themselves on the show. Vision was never meant to slave away in a generic office and the Sokovian Wanda Maximoff is a far cry from an American-as-Apple-Pie housewife.But Wanda and Vision's courtship has always been weird. This is true in the comics (leading to extremely depressing rabbit holes for both of them), but it is also true in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the following clip from Captain America: Civil War reminds us...

The Scene

Wow, remember Civil War? It's the third Captain America movie, but its huge roster, introduction of Spider-Man via Tony Stark, first sighting of Giant-Man, and Russo Brother directing duties really make it seem like an unofficial third Avengers film. And hey, why not? If you can sneak one of those in under Captain America's name, so be it.Even if Civil War were a proper Avengers film, we probably wouldn't have a bunch of time to spend on the romantic courtship of an android and a sorceress, so we have to be thankful for what we do get here. In this case, Vision – that romantic scamp – wants to cook Paprikash, a dish familiar to Wanda's upbringing. It's cute because he is an android with no need for food or tastebuds or anything that might guide him toward making something a human would want to eat. Wanda, flattered at the attempt, scoots him over to help out. Boy, is it sweet!Except it is not sweet at all. Vision signed Stark's Sokovia Accords while Wanda refused. They are on opposite sides of the issue. That happens with couples all the time. Maybe your significant other feels strongly that all roundabouts should be outlawed. Maybe you can't stand having sports on the television. it's just one of those quirks you have to accept.This is a bit different because while they are going through the motions of a romantic scene, Vision casually keeps Wanda prisoner. Nevertheless, they try to have a moment. I guess it works because they are still together today (kind of).

Why It’s So Great

The MCU has not been kind to Wanda Maximoff. That could be said for Vision too, but Wanda has definitely gotten a short shrift in terms of power levels. Until WandaVision, her main thing was doing generic "power things" by way of manipulating glowing orbs.But Wanda might actually be the most powerful being in the MCU because she has the ability to alter reality. Joss Whedon started her down this path by giving her the ability to implant fears into the Avengers' minds in Avengers Age of Ultron, with the film's description of her powers – "she's weird" – at least acknowledges a power set outside the realm of normalcy. But with Civil War, the Russo Brothers don't spend much time exploring Wanda's abilities.It's something I always keep in mind while watching this scene. It is chilling when Wanda tries to go out for paprika and Vision gently stops her. He's the most charming jailer ever, charming enough to make us forget Wanda is a prisoner.Except that's not really the case since Wanda could wipe the floor with Vision any time she wants. Even if her power level didn't beat his by a mile, pretty much anyone can beat up Vision. He's like the only super-powered person not to survive Thanos – he essentially gets taken out early on by an underling. Heck, a few scenes after this one, even Hawkeye (Hawkeye!) manages to trick and waylay him for a couple moments.So any moment Wanda spends stuck in that place with Vision is a moment she chooses to stay stuck in that place with Vision. Ultimately, she chooses to shove Vision through the floor – all the floors – to instead go her own path. Which does lead back to Vision. Because almost none of Civil War really ends up mattering much once Thanos shows up.

What If?

Well, you have to wonder how all this would have gone down if Vision and Wanda did not have a thing for each other. I can understand picking him to watch over her among the remaining Avengers, but even he stood no chance. Were he not super charming and wearing an adorable sweater and trying to cook though he has no idea how, she would have smashed him into a Sokovian pancake and eaten that instead. Which would have destroyed his Infinity Stone and saved everyone five years of misery, not to mention the lives of Black Widow and Tony Stark. Seems like maybe that would have been preferable? Love...it screws up everything.