Andy Samberg, Noah Hawley, And Ben Stiller Teaming With 'BoJack Horseman' Creator And 'Palm Springs' Writer For Sci-Fi Comedy

Palm Springs duo Andy Samberg and writer Andy Siara are teaming with producers Ben Stiller and Noah Hawley for an untitled sci-fi comedy-drama over at Apple Studios. The idea for the project comes from Raphael Bob-Waksberg, creator of BoJack Horseman, but we have no plot details at the moment. Siara, who wrote Palm Springs, is handling the script, while Samberg, Hawley, and Bob-Waksberg will produce with Ben Stiller.THR has the scoop regarding this untitled sci-fi comedy, and it's the type of story that drives me bonkers. Why? Because we know absolutely nothing about it. Sure, we know the names of the folks involved, and we know that it's a "sci-fi comedy-drama that has landed at Apple Studios." But that's it, really. No plot details. No logline. Nothing. It's a bit maddening, to tell you the truth.

But the amount of talent involved with the project is too interesting to overlook. Andy Samberg and Andy Siara are both coming off of Palm Springs, a well-received sci-fi comedy that Samberg produced and starred in and Siara wrote. The time-loop comedy had Samberg playing a guy reliving the same day, over and over again, Groundhog Day-style. Whatever this new project is, Siara is once again handling the script and Samberg while Samberg will again star and produce. Siara will also executive produce.

Noah Hawley, the creator of the Fargo TV series, is also producing through his company 26 Keys, along with 26 Keys' Dan Seligmann. Bob-Waksberg will also produce, and so will Ben Stiller and Nicky Weinstock via Red Hour, with Red Hour's Jackie Cohn executive producing. Yes, folks, that's all I really have for you: a list of producers. I wish I had more. Beyond all, that, THR adds that this new project "drew instant interest thanks to the buzz Palm Springs is generating this awards season," and that the team working on this film "will look to attach a director in the coming months."

I didn't love Palm Springs as much as everyone else, but I thought it was a cute, entertaining film. I was a big fan of BoJack Horseman, so I'm very curious to see what Bob-Waksberg has come up with here (although if I'm being honest, I'd be even more interested if he were also writing the script). Here's hoping we learn more about whatever the hell this is – a plot synopsis would be cool! – sometime very soon.