Dwayne Johnson Has Some Good News (And A Punny Holiday Hat) With John Krasinski

In the early days of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, John Krasinski shined a light on the uplifting stories of the world with Some Good News, a charmingly lo-fi web series in which the Quiet Place director gave the spotlight to good deeds amid the overwhelming dread and rising body count of the pandemic. It was a nice little gesture, and one that was even Emmy-qualifying, but Krasinski seemingly appeared to wrap it up months ago to package the idea for a more traditional news outlet. But unexpectedly, Krasinski brought it back for the holidays with the help of Dwayne Johnson — excuse me — "Dwanta Claus."

It's a special holiday edition of Some Good News, back in its cute ramshackle webseries format before it gets a shinier traditional TV update, and Krasinski is celebrating the best time of the year by enlisting a few celebrity guests. In addition to Johnson, we have George Clooney giving an update on the weather, and Justin Timberlake offering to replace Krasinski as host (which may very well happen, considering Krasinski won't host the coming CBS version).

Krasinski also did his regular upbeat news updates, spotlighting neighborhood parades, acts of charity for the homeless, as well as well-meaning fan art of Krasinski after having eaten a few too many Christmas cookies.

But the biggest spotlight wasn't given to special guest Dwayne Johnson, but to a dad who had put all of his comic book memorabilia for sale on eBay to pay for his kids' Christmas presents. During his segment with Krasinski, the dad was surprised by the appearance of Johnson, donning a Santa hat embroidered with the name "Dwanta," and a matching fur-trimmed red coat (though apparently no undershirt, because you know, he's the Rock). Johnson agreed to cover his kids' wish lists and provide him with an exclusive trip to DC Comics, plus a signed Black Adam script once he's finished shooting the upcoming Warner Bros. DC comic book film featuring the famous Shazam! villain.

It's a wonderful little segment that may even warm your cold heart...which was probably pierced a tiny bit by Krasinski selling out and re-packaging Some Good News for CBS.