The Friends Of 'The Mandalorian': Ranking Everyone Mando Has Teamed Up With From Worst To Best

Din Djarin, also known as The Mandalorian, totally knows how to take care of himself. But even the most hardened warrior needs help. Mando gets a lot of it. In fact, he seems to be teamed up with at least one person every episode. One person in addition to Grogu, that is. In fact, by the end of season 2, Mando has a whole crew. The Mandalorian's support characters offer a huge reason why the show works so well and boasts such fun variety.But how do all these figures stack up against each other? You'll have to read our ranking to find out.

14. Frog Lady - Misty Rosas

I love you Frog Lady. I love that you're a practical effect, I love that you're just kind of going along for the ride, and I love that you come from the slightly goofier side of Star Wars. But this is a competitive ranking, and you didn't do anything all that cool. You weren't even able to protect all your eggs.

13. Fennec Shand - Ming-Na Wen

Ming-Na Wen has the rare luxury of showing up multiple Mandalorian episodes, but she's not as cool as she's made out to be. In her first appearance, she gets "killed" by a rookie gunslinger kid. And when she shows up again, she's playing sidekick to Boba Fett. If you have to be a sidekick, you can't do much better, but it's better to not be a sidekick at all.

12. Cara Dune - Gina Carano

Cara Dune is one of Mando's main pals. She is also just a little boring. The character's rich Alderaan backstory and redemption into an officer of the law saves her a bit, but there's just not much here. There's a rumor one of the many upcoming Disney+ shows might revolve around Dune, which is hard to believe given the character's overall blandness and Carano's frequently wooden delivery.

11. Cobb Vanth - Timothy Olyphant

Three down and this is already getting into difficult territory. Vanth is a Western sheriff with dignity and honor. And a very familiar set of Mandalorian armor. Like a lot of these characters, Vanth starts off at odds with Din Djarin, but they eventually put aside their differences and work together, just slaying a Krayt Dragon, no big deal. We probably won't see Vanth again, and it's a shame.

10. Migs Mayfeld - Bill Burr

Migs is kind of the opposite of Dune – another simple character given gravitas via backstory. The difference is in the delivery. It's hard to dislike Bill Barr, whether he's joking, complaining, or seething in surprising anger as we saw in his second appearance. Furthermore, Mayfield's one of the rare characters to see Din Djarin's face and live, which has got to be worth something.

9. Peli Motto - Amy Sedaris

Truth be told, Peli Motto feels a bit too modern to be a Star Wars character. There's something about her that feels warped in from another fictional universe. Nevertheless, her plucky mechanical help and small army of pit droids grow on you over time.

8. Greef Karga - Carl Weathers

Look, no lie. Greef isn't the greatest character all by himself. He's one of Mando's work pals, basically, and he goes on to be a heroic figure. But on paper, he's not all that exciting. What sets him apart, however, is the fact that Carl Weathers plays him. That alone wins Greef huge points and a comfortable middle spot on this list.

7. Bo-Katan Kryze - Katee Sackhoff

When it comes to Clone Wars characters we were excited to see on The Mandalorian, Bo-Katan simply cannot compete with that other big animated Star Wars star finally getting the live-action treatment. But don't hold that against her. Bo-Katan remains a mythos heavy-hitter and giving Katee Sackhoff the chance to finally portray more than just her voice was a blissful event for everyone. Also, she kicks a ton of ass.

6. Kuiil - Nick Nolte

Kuiil was our first hint that things were going to be a little different in the Mandalorian world. Here was a tough looking, little alien guy. Filled with character. Definitely a practical effect. And voiced by none other than Nick Nolte, perhaps the most grizzled actor on Earth. This was not some empty attempt to sell toys. This was a new Star Wars character for the ages, right off the bat. Kuiil, we love you and we will miss you forever.

5. The Armorer - Emily Swallow

Mandalorian armor has a bit of Ancient Knight to its style. The Armorer takes that visual subtext pretty much all the way to full-on text and looks cool as hell as a result. She also helps us get a better idea of Mando's strange, cultish sect of the Mandalorians, which was especially helpful early on since we wouldn't get much more of that stuff in season 2. Who knows, maybe we haven't seen the last of her yet.

4. IG-11 - Taika Waititi

Many of us grew up in love with the design of the barely seen IG-88. Maybe you were disappointed upon realizing the Mandalorian version of the droid was not 88 but a new character, IG-11. That disappointment couldn't have lasted long, however, given how much humor this character brings, first by repeatedly trying to kill itself, and second by getting reprogrammed by Kuill to be a nanny. By the time IG-11 finally does bite the dust, we regret seeing him go and would gladly trade IG-88 for more time with this gem of a droid.

3. Boba Fett - Temuera Morrison

Boba Fett is back. How amazing is that? And don't forget, Boba Fett is also a prequel character and a Clone Wars character, which means he's another major figure bridging together all these Star Wars eras. That would only get him so far if he didn't look so cool killing Stormtroopers in his famous armor, whether it's dirty or clean. Yeah, he's older. He's got a bit of old man thickness. But that all just aids his gravitas and speaks to his decades of experience in the Star Wars world.

2. Grogu - Himself

Maybe you think Baby Yoda ought to be in first place. It's hard to argue against that. The problem is one of agency. Little Grogu is capable of much, but not whenever he feels like it and not with much control. Soon, he's likely to be the most powerful person on this list by a long shot (if he's not eventually murdered by Kylo Ren, that is). But in a group this powerful, hitting second place while still an infant is no small task. We will watch his career with great interest.

1. Ahsoka Tano - Rosario Dawson

Of course Ahsoka is number one. She has to be. She's one of the best Star Wars characters of all time. She's one of the very few Jedi to appear in The Mandalorian. And like Bo-Katan, her appearance here in live-action form lends legitimacy to Dave Filoni's animated shows. It was a joy to see her, but the real joy is how well she was portrayed by Rosario Dawson. We now have a live-action Ahsoka Tano, and she's worth following to her own show.