'Jackass 4' Filming Has Already Hospitalized Two Of Its Leads, Surprising No One

Stop me if this surprises you. Merely two days into filming Jackass 4, two of the leads of the daredevil stunt franchise have already been hospitalized with their injuries. Filming has stalled after the leads were injured in a stunt that reportedly involved a moving treadmill and a tuba.

CinemaBlend reports that Jackass 4 leads Johnny Knoxville, age 49, and Steve-O, age 46, have already been hospitalized for injuries sustained while filming the latest daredevil stunt film. That should neither shock or surprise anyone with a passing knowledge of Jackass, which started out as a TV series on MTV where young people did dumb life-endangering stunts, and morphed into a movie franchise where older people did dumb life-endangering stunts. It's been 20 years after the series first launched, and the Jackass crew are now well into their 40s, and not as spry as they used to be. So it's no shock that, just two days into filming the fourth installment of Jackass, Knoxville and Steve-O are in the hospital.

The news was revealed by Bam Margera, who posted a brief video to his personal website recorded in a hospital waiting room, describing how Knoxville and Steve-O injured themselves while "jumping on a full-speed treadmill with band equipment." One of which was a "a f***ing tuba," per Margera, who didn't seem all that phased, flashing a devil's sign gesture and signing off with "Rock n' roll."

None of this is very surprising, except for the fact that the team is actually going through with another Jackass movie. I confess I don't have a lot of familiarity with the Jackass series, but wasn't 2010's Jackass 3-D supposed to be the team's swan song, a farewell to the franchise that destroyed their bodies? Hasn't Knoxville spoken about how his long career of putting his life at risk has resulted in scar tissue and broken bones that are putting significant strain on him as he heads into his 50s? But it's not my business how much the Jackass team are willing to injure themselves for our entertainment — and certainly they're not alone in the life-risking business. Though with Knoxville previously stating that the new film would include some "fresh blood," it seems it may be time for the old team to pass on the mantle to the new guys while they finish their stint in the hospital.

Paramount has set the Jackass 4 release date for July 2, 2021 delaying it from its initial March 5, 2021 date.