'Fatale' Trailer: Hilary Swank Has A Fatal Attraction To Michael Ealy

Lionsgate has unveiled an official trailer for the steamy psychological thriller Fatale, a movie which is somehow opening in theaters in two weeks. In the wake of a game-changer like Warner Bros.' announcement yesterday, many things still remain the same...like B-movie erotic thrillers getting buried during the winter season. But this time, instead of being buried in direct-to-video, the Hilary Swank-starring Fatale is being buried in theaters. Watch the Fatale trailer below.

Fatale Trailer

Fatale was delayed from the summer due to the usual coronavirus (COVID-19) issues, and is now opening in whatever theaters are operating this December. Directed by Deon Taylor (Black and Blue)Fatale stars Michael Ealy as Derrick, a married man who has a fling with a woman (Swank) in Las Vegas. But this comes back to bite him as the woman turns out to be a police detective called to his house after a robbery attempt...who then predictably goes insane and tricks him into a murder scheme.

It's the kind of boring erotic thriller that feels better suited to Lifetime than the theater, but who knows what's suited for theaters these days! I feel like this movie would be less of an obvious rip of Fatal Attraction if Swank and Ealy's roles were reversed, but maybe Swank is eager to let loose and play around in the kind of genre trash her colleagues like Nicolas Cage and Liam Neeson are doing these days. What a twist it would be if Ealy's character ended up being the real villain though, right?

Fatale is described as "a suspenseful and provocative psychological thriller and an unpredictable game of cat and mouse where one mistake can change your life." Directed by Taylor, whose cop thriller Black and Blue showed some promise, but was weighed down by clunky messaging, I can't imagine it being more than a Fatal Attraction knock-off (it's in the name!) — sans ice pick. Also starring in Fatale are Mike ColterDanny Pino, and Tyrin Turner.

Here is the synopsis for Fatale:

After a wild one-night stand, Derrick (Michael Ealy), a successful sports agent, watches his perfect life slowly disappear when he discovers that the sexy and mysterious woman he risked everything for, is a determined police detective (Hilary Swank) who entangles him in her latest investigation. As he tries desperately to put the pieces together, he falls deeper into her trap, risking his family, his career, and even his life. FATALE is a suspenseful and provocative psychological thriller and an unpredictable game of cat and mouse where one mistake can change your life.

Fatale opens in theaters on December 18, 2020.