'The Final Girl Support Group': Upcoming Grady Hendrix Slasher Movie Homage Novel Being Turned Into A Series

Annapurna has scooped up the rights to The Final Girl Support Group, an upcoming novel from Grady Hendrix, and plan to turn it into a series. The book is an homage to slasher movies, following a group of "final girls" clearly inspired by the surviving female characters from titles like Friday the 13thThe Texas Chain Saw MassacreHalloween, and A Nightmare on Elm StreetElizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain are handling the script.

Deadline has the scoop on The Final Girl Support Group, a new series based on an upcoming book by Grady Hendrix. Here's the synopsis:

The women in the Final Girl Support Group have been in therapy together for decades – ever since one was attacked by a cannibal family in Texas, by a machete wielding maniac at summer camp, by an older brother who returned to settle scores on Halloween, by a lunatic who allegedly entered their dreams. These are the middle-aged survivors of the real-life crimes the slasher movies are based on. Some of them are addicts, some are in denial, and some have become motivational speakers. And now the final girls are mysteriously dying, one by one.

Horror fans will immediately recognize that Hendrix is paying homage to titles The Texas Chain Saw MassacreFriday the 13thHalloween, and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain, Co-creators of ABC's The Fix, are writing the script while Hendrix will serve as executive producer. Hendrix is the author of books HorrorstörMy Best Friend's ExorcismWe Sold Our SoulsPaperbacks from Hell: The Twisted History of '70s and '80s Horror Fiction, and the recently published The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires. He also co-wrote scripts for films Mohawk and Satanic Panic.

Having read most of Hendrix's books, I'm now very excited about both this book and its TV adaptation. I'll probably feel more confident about the TV adaptation once I learn who else is involved with it, and where it's going to end up airing/streaming. But Hendrix is an incredibly clever writer who understands the horror genre front and back. Not only that, but he's also quite good at crafting surprisingly emotional narratives around his horror scenarios. Both My Best Friend's Exorcism and The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires contained moments that ended up making me cry. Then again, everything makes me cry these days.

The Final Girl Support Group book will arrive on July 13, 2021.